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How does the S/U and P/F options differ?

Undergraduate students have the option of electing a S/U grade.

Students have until the last day of classes, May 6, to elect the S/U option.  There are limits to the number of times the S/U can be elected.  S/U does not meet major, minor or degree requirements.  They do not replace grades for repeated courses.  For more information on the S/U policy, click here.


The P/F grade option is only available for spring 2020 letter graded courses.  The P will meet major, minor, degree requirements and prerequisites but the F does not. Only the F impacts the GPA.


If the student is convinced that the grade earned will be a D- or F, then the S/U is the better option (deadline May 6).  Otherwise, students should wait to opt for the P/F option (May 21-Oct. 16).  Remember that the P option is not available for courses with an S/U grades, even if the S/U was switched back to a letter grade.