Records & Registration

How to seek permission to register?

Non-matriculated and visiting students often require permission to register for specific courses.  Expect to be prevented from registering for the following reasons:

  • Missing prerequisite
  • Restricted to field of study
  • Other restrictions not otherwise specified
  • 300 or 400 level course
  • Requires permission of instructor
  • Requires permission of chair

The Schedule of Classes lists all prerequisites, required permissions and restrictions.  If you are prevented from registering for the above reasons, you may contact the department or individual instructor to request electronic permission to register. 

Receiving permission is at the discretion of the academic department, and is not guaranteed.  Students should be prepared to demonstrate that they have met the requirements for registration and may need to show transcripts or course syllabi.  When emailing the Department or instructor, students should include N#  (New Paltz ID number) with all correspondance.

If a course is full, non-matriculated and visiting students will generally not be permitted to enroll.


Special Guidance for these areas:




Business Administration

Undergraduates contact the Center for Business Advising

Graduate students contact Aaron Hines


Communication Disorders

Contact Department of Communication Disorders. Students with a 4-year degree should check out Post BA Program in Communication Disorders.



Consider Open SUNY courses first.  Contact the Department of Psychology