Hudson Valley Artists 2024: Bibliography

Curated by Sophie Landres

February - April, 2024
Chandler and North

Matthew Kirk, Rattle Rack, 2022, mixed media on insulation foam, construction barrier, eagle feather and coroplast, courtesy of the artist 

The painting, prints, video, sculpture, installation, sound, and mixed-media in Bibliography form a motley compilation. Cohesion comes only loosely from books stationed throughout the exhibition. They were selected by the artists but the reasons for the selections differ wildly. In some instances, the books supply a physical or conceptual basis for the art. More often, they serve as side doors to approach the artwork’s aesthetic, social, or political implications. 


Niki Kriese, Nervous Tic, 2023, acrylic on canvas, courtesy of the artist 

Through various styles and strategies, the art prompts consideration of topics as disparate as how information circulates and edges close to mystery, the ethics of reuse, how bodies occupy public realms or disappear from them, tactics for subverting oppressive power structures, family, and the visualization of non-visual phenomena.  

Eteam, Our Non-Understanding of Everything, Ongoing, 16 part video-series, courtesy of the artist 

The way books evoke dimensions of the artists’ thoughts is perhaps the most unifying aspect of this exhibition. Whether integrated into an installation or placed like a citation in proximity to the artwork, they offer correlations that are undetermined, unfixed, and open to interpretation.  

While increasingly prevalent forms of AI use predictive neural networks to simulate human knowledge, Bibliography stakes meaning in these sets of unpredictable connections. Including books as both reference material and material objects, it adopts a bibliographical intention to share sources encountered along the way of idea formation.  


Adam Henry, Concrete Sculpture, 2020, gesso, wood, books, courtesy of Candice Madey Gallery 

Rather than corral art into what makes sense for a mind set on computational outcomes, we see ideas meandering across subjects and mediums. We see them continuously reconstrued and fundamentally communal. 


Audra Wolowiec, voiceprint, 2021, offset woodblock print with laser-cut commas, on paper (spectrogram waveforms and commas from a reading of the preamble from the "United States Constitution"), courtesy of the artist 

Exhibiting artists include Osi Audu, Alta Buden, Shari Diamond, Kerry Downey, Stevenson Estime, eteam (Franzisa Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegger), Aki Goto, Adam Henry, Matthew Kirk, Niki Kriese, Melora Kuhn, Catherine Lord, Sean Sullivan, and Audra Wolowiec.  

Hudson Valley Artists 2024: Bibliography is curated by Sophie Landres. It is the Dorsky Museum’s 17th annual exhibition focused on artists who live or work in upstate New York.