Edward Sheriff Curtis and Native Americans: Works from The Dorsky Permanent Collection

Curated by Wayne Lempka

February 7 — March 13, 2015
Seminar Room

Edward S. Curtis, Crow Dog – Brulé, 1907, Photogravure, 2000.037.001, Gift of Philip & Patti Teplen

Edward Sheriff Curtis (American, 1868–1952) was an ethnologist and photographer of the Native American peoples whose goal was to not just photograph this group of people but to document a way of life that was quickly disappearing. From 1906 until 1929, when Curtis ended this project, he had produced over 40,000 images from approximately 80 different tribes. Curtis' goal of producing a 20-volume edition of these images , under the title of The North American Indian, was realized through the funding of financier, banker and philanthropist J.P. Morgan.


The images included in this exhibition are photogravures, an intaglio printmaking process, which were used as illustrations in the original volumes of The North American Indian. 

Edward S.Curtis, Last Home of Joseph-Nez Pierce, 1906, Photogravure, 2000.035.005, Gift of Susan E. Hochberg


Edward S. Curtis, Start of Whale Hunt, Cape Prince of Wales, 1928, Photogravure, 2000.035.007, Gift of Susan E. Hochberg


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