'An Unusual Situation' Children's Book






Milo's Story


When Milo goes through a very unusual situation, he finds it hard to understand his feelings about what is happening. Milo learns ways to understand what is going on and that his family is there to help him figure out how to deal with the situation together.


We all have things that happen to us which we don't understand, and Milo wants to share some ways that you can get through an unusual situation too!


IDMH has been collaborating with humanitarian workers, both in the United States, in the Ukraine, and elsewhere throughout the world since the Spring 2022 since the Russian invasion in February of 2022. Since that time IDMH has partnered with The UkrHelp Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) organization based in Seattle, Washington, to assist with their Psychosocial Support for Children initiative. With their assistance with printing, translation, and distributing of An Unusual Situation throughout Ukraine, we have successfully distributed books to several organization in western Ukraine. These organizations have been utilizing An Unusual Situation with children and adolescence who have been displaced from their homes.

The photos below come from our colleagues at the Spirivdia for Children Center in the city of Chernivtsi in western Ukraine, where they utilized the resources with two different age groups. Through this partnership with The UkrHelp Foundation we look forward to the continuation of this project to children impacted by the war in the Ukraine. For more information on the UkrHelp Foundation click their logo below.






An Unusual Situation is available in eight different languages:




Haitian Creole





And an Arabic translation coming soon!


 To download your own copy of An Unusual Situation, click on the image of Milo below or follow this link:



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