Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion

Tuition Support

SUNY and Research Foundation employees at SUNY New Paltz are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities available for professional development. Various programs are outlined below, as well as supervisory considerations for related time and attendance issues. For further information or guidance, please contact the Benefits Office in Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion in HAB 603 or at extension 3954.

Tuition assistance programs are available for employees based on the employee's negotiating unit and/or through the SUNY tuition waiver program (B-140W), as follows:


UUP Space Available Program: Under Article 49 of the Agreement between the State of New York and United University Professions (July 2, 2016-July 1, 2022), “the State agrees to continue the existing tuition assistance program using a “space available” concept."

When space is available, employees may enroll in a course on a tuition-free basis subject to the following requirements:

  • The University determines when space is available, recognizing that such determination must be made in sufficient time to permit enrollment by employees.
    • Employees must meet course prerequisites.
    • Employees must register no earlier than one week prior to the first day of classes. (There are exceptions; please email if you have questions.)
    • All fees other than tuition shall be paid by employees. (*New Paltz employees taking classes at New Paltz may complete a Fee Waiver Request Form to waive the Technology, Athletics, and/or Student Health Fees).
    • Minimum enrollment requirements established by the University as a necessary condition for offering a course shall not be affected by students interested in enrolling in a course on a space available basis.
    • Employees may enroll in a maximum of one course per semester and special session (i.e., summer session and intersession).
    • The program shall continue for the term of the Agreement.
  • Employees interested in taking a course at New Paltz* under this program should use the UUP Space Available Application.
  • This program can be used for classroom-based instruction (including remote learning). Only credit-bearing courses taken at New Paltz or other 4-year State-operated SUNY campuses are covered.
  • This program does not cover individual instruction such as independent study, thesis research, dissertation, internships, continuous enrollment, etc.
  • New Paltz employees who drop a course they are taking at New Paltz will not then be required to pay tuition.
  • *IMPORTANT: Please note that each school has its own process for applying for the UUP Space Available program. UUP-represented New Paltz employees interested in taking a course under this program at another SUNY 4-year institution should contact the Registrar’s Office at the instructing campus to understand their process and procedures for this program.
  • New Paltz employees should submit their applications to Applications will be accepted up to and including the final day of classes for the term requested.
  • Employees of other 4-year SUNY schools who wish to use the Space Available program at New Paltz should complete the application and submit it to their campus’ Office of Human Resources for verification of employment. The form should then be forwarded to the Student Accounts Office at New Paltz (

Management/Confidential (M/C): M/C employees are eligible for the SUNY Tuition Waiver Program outlined below (B-140W).

  • Public Service Workshops Program (PSWP) – M/C employees can now register for PSWP classes offered through the Public Service Workshops Program without restrictions. For information, visit
  • New York State employees in an M/C clerical or secretarial title are eligible to attend Skills for Success courses in the interpersonal communication, math skills, work management, and writing skills categories, as space permits.

Research Foundation employees are eligible for the SUNY Tuition Waiver Program outlined below (B-140W).

Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU) employees should contact the dean of the Graduate School if they have any questions regarding course enrollment and tuition support.

B. CLASSIFIED SERVICE employees represented by Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) and Public Employees Federation (PEF):

  • CSEA employees can apply for courses through the NYS and CSEA Partnership for Education and Training Program (formerly CSEA/LEAP). Under this program, employees can apply for tuition vouchers/reimbursement for the program year (April 1 through March 31) at a participating educational institution. In addition, interested employees can receive reimbursement for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES), Thomas Edison State College Examination Program (TECEP), and Excelsior College exams, in addition to your other tuition benefits under this program. CSEA offers additional tuition benefits for family members; please contact your CSEA representative for more information.
  • PEF employees may apply for courses through the Public Service Training Program (PSTP) that provides vouchers for use at participating colleges, and for tuition reimbursement through various reimbursement programs. In addition, PEF employees may take workshops at various locations throughout the state through the Public Service Workshops Program. These courses are designed to increase the professional competency of PEF employees and enhance their preparation for promotional opportunities. Further information for PEF employees is available on the GOER website at If you have questions you may email

Guidelines, eligibility information, and application forms for the bargaining unit tuition reimbursement programs are posted on the GOER website under "Training & Development." Tuition assistance programs affiliated with bargaining unit representation may be subject to the availability of funding and/or the agreements between New York State and the bargaining unit. Please refer to your bargaining unit agreement, taking note of its time frame.

In addition to the programs above, all SUNY and Research Foundation employees (who work at least half-time) are eligible to apply for reimbursement through the SUNY Employee Tuition Waiver Program. Through this program, SUNY New Paltz employees can receive reimbursement of $150 per credit for a maximum of six credits per semester (including summer and intersession) for courses taken at any four-year SUNY institution. Employees interested in this option should complete a Tuition Assistance - B140W form. 

In addition, employees taking classes at New Paltz may complete a Tuition Assistance - Technology, Athletic & Health Center Fee Waiver to waive the Technology Fee, Student Health Fee and/or the Athletic Fee. These forms are also available in the Office of Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion (HAB 603).

The deadline for submission of applications is the first day of class or within 24 hours of registration for the class, whichever is sooner.

SUNY and Research Foundation employees who would like to audit a course must obtain an Audit Form from the Office of Records and Registration. The completed form must have the approval and signatures of (a) the chair of the department offering the course and (b) the instructor of the course. The Audit Form must be returned to the department offering the course by the end of the "course add period." The audit privilege permits the auditor to attend a course (providing there is room in the course and the necessary approvals have been granted) and to do assignments, but it does not permit the auditor to take examinations in the course or to have his/her work evaluated in any other way. The auditor receives no grade for the course, nor is any record of course attendance kept in the Office of Records and Registration. Students may not change their enrollment status from audit to credit, or from credit to audit.

Audit privileges are not ordinarily available in studio, online, laboratory or performance courses, or courses where class participation of students is of major importance, nor are they available in credit-free courses offered by the institution or in any foreign study program or course.

While employees are not granted “free” time to attend classes, if class hours overlap the employee's regular work schedule, supervisors may approve a flexible workday start/end or meal period to allow an employee to attend a class, providing the employee works the total requisite hours or fulfills the work obligation. Employees with sufficient accruals may also, with their supervisor's approval, charge annual, personal, or compensatory time (but not sick leave) to cover periods of time in class. Supervisors are encouraged to use flexibility when possible in encouraging the professional development and career enhancement of staff, consistent with attendance rules and regulations and operational needs.