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Thesis Projects

Fall 16-Spring 17 Thesis Abstract Booklet

Fall 15-Spring 16 Thesis Abstract Booklet

Spring 2015 Thesis Abstract Booklet

Spring 2014 Thesis Abstract Booklet

Spring 2013 Thesis Abstract Booklet


Samples of Thesis Work:

Nicholas Agneta's Thesis "One EPIC Place Website Scheduler"








Reem Ahmed's Thesis "LifeForce"

Anthony Albanese's Thesis "Testing the Opium: An Analysis of Religion's Effects on Political Militancy"

Mairead Atkinson's Thesis Authorship and Credibility

Camille-Ashley Chavez's Thesis "Undoing Borders: Global Lessons from Haiti and Dominican Republic Borderlands"

Caitlin Cummings's Thesis "Letters From Germany: An American Woman's Account of the Post-War Occupation"

Kathryne Gruskin's Thesis The Evolved Classroom

Dan Hulseapple's Thesis "Structure,Ideology,Traditions:Definining Akkadian State

Carina Kohn's Thesis "The Keeper of the Belt"

Mary Lattin's Thesis "Acquisition of English as a Second Language in Tanzania"

Allyson Macci's Thesis "How Film and Literature Influence the Ways in Which East Asian Identity is Formed"

Zameena Mejia's Thesis "United We Understand"

Chiara Ostrin's Thesis "Aroma of Chocolate-Effects on Affect and Creativity"

Megan Rooney's Thesis "The Falling Man: Don Draper's Descent into Dante's Inferno"

Jessie Russell's Thesis "Wrongfule Convictions - New Solution to an Old Problem"

Akilah Suleiman's Thesis "Henna in the Elementary Classroom"

Elizabeth Sweeney's Thesis "Appropriation or Appreciation? An Analysis of Native American Portrayals in Contemporary Popular Culture"

Sara Walenta's Thesis "The C in LGBTQA+: Experiences of Criminalization for Queer Youth


Spring 2015 Thesis