Warren Wiegand

Warren WiegandWarren Wiegand is an experienced business leader who retired to Gardiner and became very involved in local government. Wiegand started his career as a math teacher at JHS 143 in the Bronx. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics at Trinity College and earned an MBA in marketing at Columbia University. Subsequently, he enjoyed a successful career in marketing and strategic planning, with a focus on finance and investments.

Wiegand’s business career included positions at Maxwell House coffee, American Express (Amex), Shawmut Bank, and as the owner of an advertising agency. During his career, he was the vice-president of business development and strategic planning at Amex, where he wrote Amex’s first strategic plan and developed the Platinum Card. At Shawmut, in addition to being the vice-president of marketing, Wiegand developed Shawmut’s first mutual fund program. He sold the advertising agency in 2004 and moved to Gardiner full time.

Over the last 20 years, Wiegand has been a leader in Gardiner’s government and an avid gardener. Wiegand led the fund-raising campaign for the new library and served on several of Gardiner’s committees focusing on protecting open space. Wiegand was elected to the Town Board in 2007 and has served as the Deputy Supervisor of the town for 14 years, emphasizing financial management and open space protection.