Honorary and Memorial Gifts

The SUNY New Paltz Foundation is proud to recognize gifts in honor of or in memory of a special person or event.


Gifts In Honor Of

In Honor of highlights a gift in honor of person or event.  The gifts below were donated between January 1, 2021 and July 1, 2021. 

To give a gift in honor of someone, please visit Make a Gift

In Honor Of...

Leandro Adoptante

Jennifer A. Palomino


Michael R. Baldwin

Margaret Baldwin


Jonah D. Bevacqua

Elizabeth Barnes

Joseph Bevacqua

Sharon Bevacqua


Anthony D. Cervone

Nicole A. Cervone


Donald P. Christian

Marna P. Hirshhorn


Sandra Colon

Sandra Colon


Michael J. Considine

David Considine


Samantha L. Cox

Chrisanthy Tice


Sophia L. DeLorenzo

Mack A. Hedman


Jill R. DeTrano

Gail Righter


Siena M. Diaz-Colon

Abraham Lopez

Bob Cederstrom

Russell Murphy

Syndia Diaz


Kelsie J. Dougherty

Jacqueline A. LaFalce

James Dougherty


Wilma F. Feliciano

John B. Foster


Dylan W. Fraser

Heather Fraser


Amanda M. Gordon

Jennifer A. Palomino

Brooks Goss

Lisa Goss


Haley A. Hershenson

Valerie J. McAllister


Michael L. Horner

Rafael Rochet


Jade E. Isaacs

Jennifer A. Palomino


David Krikun

Wallace H. John


Frederic B. Mayo

Beth S. Marks


Lyn Mayo

Beth S. Marks


Claire N. McAllister

Valerie J. McAllister


Ciara D. Mendez

Emily Mendez


Jake B. Meyers

Marcia Leventhal Meyers


Sara N. Moeller

Steven M. Defoe


Brittany R. Morasse

Lisa Morasse


Monika G. Morasse

Lisa Morasse

Michael R. Nacht

Yaritza Gomez-Nacht


Liam P. Nichols

Judi Nichols


Corinne Nyquist

Janus Adams


Brian Passikoff

James F. Passikoff


Kenneth D. Pasternak

Adam Altman


Courtia N. Powell

Brittanie L. Whyte


Sheila Saks

Avi Saks


Nancy Schniedewind

Beth S. Marks


Ethan Scully

Shelley Scully


Ryan Scully

Ellen Kutin

Shelley Scully


Corwin Senko

Sergio A. Lopez


Annmarie L. Tedeschi

Vincent Tedeschi


Sara E. Waters

Gloria A. Waters


Brittanie L. Whyte

Courtia N. Powell


Julia A. Zedlovich

Leslie Zedlovich