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Honorary and Memorial Gifts

The SUNY New Paltz Foundation is proud to recognize gifts in honor of or in memory of a special person or event.


Gifts In Honor Of

In Honor of highlights a gift in honor of person or event.  The gifts below were donated between January 1, 2019 and October 1, 2019. 

To give a gift in honor of someone, please visit Make a Gift

In Honor Of...

Mr. Eric Brody
Steven M. Brody 

Dr. Lewis Brownstein
Michael S. Morosky 

Mr. Larry Carr
Thomas G. Olsen

Mr. Barrett M. Celecki '17
Kimberly A. Myers-Celecki  

Dr. Alan and Mrs. Roselle Chartock
Aaron L. Grober

Ms. Kyle A. Dayton
Anne Dayton

Ms. Victoria Jean Dugan
Jean Dugan

Ms. Mary Kathleen Durkin
Anne Durkin

Mr. Michael A. Epstein '12
Martin Epstein

Ms. Mia Christina Esposito
Tina Esposito

Mr. James R. Formato '69
James R. Formato

Mr. James M. Gibson '57
Gloria P. Sting

Ms. Isabelle Hayes
Moira Hayes

Ms. Lauren Hazelton
Beth Hazelton

Ms. Jeannie I. Henriques '08
Everton H. Henriques

Mr. Dylan Hirsh
Jodi Hirsh


Dr. Ronald  Knapp
Kristine M. Harris

Dr. Stanley F. Kudzin
Loretta A. Brown

Ms. Mary L. Lattin
Teresa Lattin

Mr. Justin S. Lowe '14
Ellen Lowe

Dr. James H. MacDonald '98
Mikki Rozdolski

Mr. Brendan M. McGaley
Kevin F. McGaley

Mr. Kevin P. McSherry '10
Margaret E. McSherry

Mr. Joseph Mendock
Arlene R. Mendock

Mr. Scott L. Minkoff
Anne C. Balant

Ms. Theresa Y. Monroe
Stephanie Blaisdell
Barbara C. Caldwell
Anonymous Donor
Campus Auxiliary Services, Inc.

Ms. Emma L. Mont
Jill Mont

Ms. Jacqueline L. Morgan '19
Judd Morgan

Dr. Albert J. Williams-Myers
Rick Childress

Dr. Arnold Nemerofsky
Loretta A. Brown

Ms. Sandra Panman '94 '02g
Adelaide Haas

Dr. Joseph Paparone
Robert Raskin
Christopher J. Turnquist

Ms. Jacqueline M. Pascar
Lewis Pascar

Ms. Marcuse Pfeifer
Jewish Communal Fund

Ms. Hannah G. Phillips '16
Virginia Phillips

Mrs. Natalie Philpin '58
Gloria P. Sting

Mr. Elliot Rosenzweig
Judi Rosenzweig

Mrs. Eleanor '66 Ryder
Esther L. Ramirez

Mrs. Frances and Dr. Louis Saraceno
Jeannie D. Snyder

Mr. Matthew D. Schenfeld
Steven Schenfeld

Ms. Emily J. Sloane
Beth Sloane

Ms. Samantha N. Smith
Kimberly A. Smith

Ms. Mariel A. Stein
Donna Stein

Dr. Patricia A. Sullivan
Carole Levin

Ms. Sara E. Waters '99
Charles S. Houser

Dr. Albert J. Williams-Myers
Rick Childress

Mr. Christopher E. Wren '03
John W. Wren

Ms. Dahlia Sheehan-Yassin
Colleen M. Sheehan