SUNY New Paltz exceeds campaign goal – Raises more than $24.7 million dollars in philanthropic support

SUNY New Paltz is pleased to announce the successful completion of Soaring Higher – The Campaign for SUNY New Paltz, the first-ever comprehensive campaign in the College’s history.

Thanks to the generosity of many members of the campus community, the SUNY New Paltz Foundation was able to exceed the original goal of $23 million – raising a total of $24.7 million in campaign support.

Campaign Strategic Priorities

Providing Opportunity

Scholarships & Experiential Learning
(Goal: $11.5 Million)

Provide students with access to higher education and opportunities to expand their learning in real-world situations.

Total Raised

Building Capacity

Program Support
(Goal: $8 Million)

Expand new and existing programs that provide compelling and distinct opportunities for our students.

Total Raised

Expanding Possibilities

The Fund for New Paltz
(Goal: $3.5 Million)

Create learning opportunities that awaken the potential in every student and enrich the experiences of our students and our community.

Total Raised


President Christian Quote about the Campaign for SUNY New Paltz

Soaring Higher Capaign Cabinet

soaring higher logo

Without the generous support of alumni and friends, the Campaign for SUNY New Paltz would not be possible. THANK YOU!

The 9,040 individuals, corporations, and foundations listed below donated to the Campaign between July 1, 2014 and May 14, 2021.


New Endowed Funds

The following 67 funds were created during the Campaign (2014-2021) and exemplify the diversity of scholarships, programs and initiatives that will receive philanthropic support in perpetuity thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors.


Ahlmeyer/Healea Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in Academic and Community Service
William & Yvonne Allenson Art Studio Scholarship
William & Yvonne Allenson Education Scholarship Fund
The Art History Endowed Scholarship Fund
Art Student Support Endowment
Stephen D. Becker ’70 Endowed Travel Fund
Lori Beer Endowed Scholarship for Promoting Diversity in Education Professions
Leonard Boccia ’89 School of Business Scholarship Fund
Larry Braun Engineering Scholarship
Anthony Brigandi Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Beverly M. Brumm Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Dorothy Mullin Campbell ’62 & Luther Campbell Endowed Scholarship
Campus Auxiliary Services Sustainability Endowment
Thomas Joseph Casey Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Integrity in Journalism
Cetrino Family/ Rubin Benjamin Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Chigurupati Seshu Memorial Scholarship in Economics
Donald P. & Sandra K. Christian Research Scholarship Endowment
Class of 1968 and Friends Endowed Scholarship Fund
Professor Mary Jane Corry Scholarship for Excellence in Writing
Entergy Engineering Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth Mousseau Fite ’50 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Gail & Joe Gallerie Endowed Scholarship
Milton “Sparky” Garrison Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Howard I. Goldblatt ’73 & Leila Cohen Endowed Public Policy Scholarship Fund
Daniel Gonzalez ’87 Endowed Travel Scholarship Fund
Drew R. & Donna T. Goodbread Geology Scholarship
Patricia M. Gould-Peck ’66 Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Art Education
The Gary R. Gregg ’77 Endowed Applied Learning Fund
Dr. Kurt Haas Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Emily J. Monahan ’89 ’94g & Michael J. Jurkovic Endowed Scholarship
Professor Vera Irwin Endowed Scholarship Fund
Craig Francis Jessup ’75 Endowed Scholarship
Claudia J. Justy ’70 Endowed Recruitment Scholarship Fund
The Karlin Eop Endowed Travel Award

The Dr. Gary King ’80 Endowed Lecture Fund
Professor Frank Kraat Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fund
Kressner Family Autism Spectrum Endowment
Professor Raymond T. Kurdt ’56 Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fund
The David Lavallee Student Research Travel Fund
M & T Bank Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. Nancy F. Marino ’70 Endowed Scholarship for Study in Spain Fund
Helen A. & James T. McShane Endowed Scholarship for Study in Ireland
Henrietta Thomas Mountz ’68 ’71g & Robert E. Mountz ’68 ’71g ’80cas Endowed Scholarship Fund
Susan Dutcher Najork ’67 ’70g Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. Marcia Norton Endowed Scholarship Fund for the School of Education
Judy Paige O’Brien ’70 & Thomas O’Brien ’70 Liberal Arts And Sciences Internship Scholarship Fund
Owens Family Arts Administration Internship Fund
Gary H. Palmieri Endowed Music Scholarship
Dr. Joseph C. Paparone Endowed Scholarship
Joseph C. Paparone Endowed Student Travel Scholarship Fund
James Nye Parsons ’68 ’70g Endowed Graduate Scholarship
Dr. Gerald J. & Marie C. Robbins Fund
Professor Martin “Doc” Rutstein Endowed Scholarship Fund
Linda Schwab-Edmundson Endowed Scholarship for Early Childhood Education
Max & Nadia Shepard Memorial Endowed Piano Maintenance Fund
Douglas Stephen Sheppard & Jeffrey Hamilton Sheppard Endowed Fund
Professor Ken Skelton Sociology Endowed Scholarship for Progressive Social Change
Smiley Family Endowed Scholarship Fund
Gerald & Myra Sorin Endowed Recruitment Scholarship Fund
Joan Baiardi Steber ’59 & Jan Steber Endowed Scholarship
Professor Dan E. Swartz Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Giuseppe Traverso Citizen Naturalist Internship Endowment
The Luigi & Anita Traverso Photography Award Endowment
Van Lare Family Endowed Scholarship
Susan Wisherd Endowed Fund for The Dorsky Museum
Susan Wisherd Endowed Fund for The Sojourner Truth Library
Donna & Diana Zucca Endowed Scholarship