Endowed Giving

Endowed gifts enhance the educational experience at SUNY New Paltz and may be established to support a specific purpose, program, academic department or activity on campus. An endowed fund can be established with as little as $25,000. Endowed funds are created to generate revenue that will be used for a specific purpose. Endowed gifts are never spent; only a portion of the fund's value, including investment return, is spent. The SUNY New Paltz Foundation’s objective is to manage its endowed funds to maximize the benefit intended by the donor and generate a return that supports the programs of the College. Our focus is always on our students and on providing them with the best opportunity to learn, grow, and prepare for their lives ahead.


View the Endowment Funds Report 2020

For more information, please contact Barbara Caldwell at 845-257-3958, Erica Marks at 845-257-3238 or contact the SUNY New Paltz Foundation at