Fahad Ahmed ’06

Fahad Ahmed ’06Fahad Ahmed is a Client Market Growth Senior Manager in the Chief Marketing Officer Program at Deloitte. He uses his deep love for creativity and a past-life as a healthcare compliance and privacy officer to lead people and programs through right- and left-brained thinking. Prior to this, Ahmed served as Advisory Manager in Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Health / Regulatory Risk & Compliance Services division. Before joining Deloitte, Ahmed served as the Director of Compliance and Privacy for Yale New Haven Health System and served as the Compliance and Privacy Officer for Bridgeport and Greenwich Hospitals.

Mr. Ahmed received his BS in Chemistry at SUNY New Paltz in 2006. From there, he earned his MPA in Healthcare Administration at Mercy College in 2008 and then his MBA at Columbia Business School in 2017.

Most importantly, he is a father, husband, son, and brother. In his free time, Ahmed enjoys working on his podcast, Columbia Bizcast, and cheering for his beloved New York Mets. He currently lives with his wife Jennifer and son Rami.