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Emily's Story

Emily Heimbender
Recipient of Gertrude M. Elliot Scholarship and
Celebrating New Paltz Scholarship

Hometown: Valley Stream, N.Y.
Graduation Year:

  • 2013 (B.A., psychology with concentration in psychobiology)
  • 2015 (M.A., psychology with concentration in neuroscience)


  • Student worker, Sojourner Truth Library

While taking biology classes my freshman year, I found the nervous system extremely interesting. After taking physiological psychology with Dr. Giordana Grossi, I fell in love with neuroscience and spent hours reading about it, even when I wasn’t studying for a test. I discovered that New Paltz offers a psychobiology concentration, which allowed me to fulfill my interest in learning about the brain.

I received the Gertrude M. Elliot Scholarship in 2012 and the Celebrating New Paltz Scholarship in 2011. These scholarships have provided me with so much more than a financial backing for school. They have enabled me to pursue my academic goals, for which I am forever grateful.

I’ve had all these life-changing experiences here. I’ve met amazing people who have affected my life in such a positive way. New Paltz has changed me for the better.

I really like what I’m doing here. I couldn’t picture myself at any other university."