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Undergraduate: Overview

Undergraduate students in Art Education build conceptual thinking and teaching practices through the core curriculum of the Art Education major combined with developing studio practices that utilize the facilities and faculty of the Fine Art department. The program develops artist-teachers who have a strong sense of artistic thinking and practice that includes explorations of contemporary art practices, synthesis of perspectives from art historical knowledge, and an engagement with the diverse cultural contexts of young people, schools, and society.

Art Education students are prepared to make connections between meaning-making through art with the diverse learning approaches of children and adolescents and the cultural and political communities of the schools in which they work.

BSEd Program Goals
  • Develop knowledge of contemporary practices in art, teaching, and technology
  • Develop art educators who promote social inclusivity and critical thinking
  • Develop an articulate self-reflective practice as researchers, artists, and teachers
  • Create collaboration and engagement with local and global learning communities
  • Build professional networks to support the practice of lifelong learning
  • Understand how art affects education in mediating between the artist and the world
  • Develop a strong learning community among faculty and students in meaningful and supportive relationships


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