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Dates and Costs

Summer 2018 - Three weeks

Dates: June 7 - June 29, 2018

New Students Arrival: June 7

First Day of Classes: June 11

Last Day of Classes: June 29

End of Summer Session: June 29

Departure: June 30

Class Fees: 

University Fees: $196

Health Insurance: $118

Room & Board: $1,357

Textbooks: $100

Estimated Total: $3,371

*Personal expenses will vary, but you may wish to estimate $400 for an adjusted total of $3,771.


Summer 2018 - Five weeks

 Summer 2017 group pic on the first day

Dates: July 5 - August 10, 2018

New Students Arrival: July 5

First Day of Classes: July 9

Last Day of Classes: August 10

End of Summer Session: August 10

Departure: August 11

Class Fees: 

University Fees: $390

Health Insurance: $236

Room & Board: $2,212

Textbooks: $150

Estimated Total: $5,388

*Personal expenses will vary, but you may wish to estimate $600 for an adjusted total of $5,988.


Fall 2018

Dates: Aug 21 - Dec 20

New Students Arrival: Aug 21

First Day of Classes: Aug 27

Last Day of Classes: Dec 20

Departure: Dec 21


Class Fees: $5,400

Health Insurance: $600

University Fees: $680

Residence Halls: $4,220

Meal Plan: $2,220

Textbooks: $180

Orientation Fee (first semester only): $140

Estimated Total: $13,440

*Personal expenses will vary, but you may wish to estimate $1,500 for an adjusted total of $14,940.




  • Prices and dates are estimates, based on current information. All fees and dates are subject to change. Please contact Haggerty English Language Program for exact fees and dates by emailing
  • Living expenses are the prices for on-campus housing in residence halls; two students per room and full meal plan (19 meals/week). New students are encouraged to live on-campus their first term. The university does not provide assistance with off-campus housing.
  • All students pay an orientation fee in their first semester of enrollment; cost for orientation during the Fall & Spring term is $140 for students living on campus and $75 for students living off campus.  
  • All international students are required to purchase the State University of New York Health Insurance Policy. We do not accept applications for a waiver of the insurance requirement.
  • Matriculated students in the highest level of ESL who meet the specific criteria can take an academic class at SUNY New Paltz along with their ESL courses. Charges for those courses follow standard SUNY New Paltz tuition fees.  For more information on University fees, visit the SUNY New Paltz Tuition & Fees page. Student visa holders pay NON-NYS resident rates.

For information about part time studies, please email or call 845-257-3595.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions about costs, payments or refund policies

Last updated: October 10, 2017

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