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Levels and Duration


Students enrolled in the Haggerty English Language Program, whether for Intensive English or the Pathway Program, will start in one of the following levels depending on placement: 

  • Level 1 – Beginner
  • Level 2 – Intermediate
  • Level 3 – Advanced 
  • Level 4 – Academic Purposes 

A level can be completed in one 16-week semester (Fall/August start or Spring/January start). 
Students may be able to complete a level by enrolling in our intensive 5-Week Summer Session.


Students have completed the Pathway Program and meet our English language proficiency requirements for admission to Undergraduate or Graduate programs upon completion of Level 4 – Academic Purposes.

Students in the Intensive English Program are not required to complete Level 4 – Academic Purposes. All students will receive a certificate of completion indicating the highest level they have finished.

The total time in the program will depend upon the student’s initial placement level. Below is a table to demonstrate the duration based on the level that a student starts in. 

    Placement Level       Duration

              Level 1            16 months

              Level 2            12 months

              Level 3             8 months

              Level 4             4 months

*This is only an estimate and does not include factors that may cause a student to require more or less time to complete. Enrolling in the intensive 5-week Summer Session may decrease the duration time.


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