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Summer 2020 Applications
Now Open!

The Haggerty English Language Program is accepting applications for its Summer 2020 5-week English program. 

Five weeks? Yes! The program is short, but intensive. Students study Monday through Friday with trained ESL faculty members and use the weekends to work on projects or participate in trips organized by the Center for International Programs. 

"Summer is a great way to improve your language skills in a short amount of time," says Aiko Pletch, Academic Coordinator for the Haggerty English Language Program. "The classes are intense with plenty of opportunities to use and develop your language skills." 

In addition many students use the Summer program as a faster track to meeting the college's English proficiency requirement. "It's tough, but doable!," says Jason Serrano, the ESL Student Advisor. "Some students already have an advanced level of proficiency and just need an intensive program like this to be ready for academics in the Fall. We have many students who see this as an opportunity to reach the proficiency standards of SUNY New Paltz before the Fall semester. To their credit, students have been very successful!" 

The program truly is for everyone though. In some cases, students have already begun their academic courses but come to the summer program to sharpen their skills and improve their grades in their academic courses. 

"I graduated [from a U.S. college] in 2016, but my English was not good," says Yvelisse Garcia, a former summer participant. "That is why I decided to take the ESL class at New Paltz to improve my English language. It was an exciting experience in the 5-week program. I really liked the professors' teaching methods because they helped me to truly improve my public speaking, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.” 

Students are welcome to continue their studies into the Fall semester, or enroll in Summer only. 


Email ESL Student Advisor Jason Serrano at or send a Whatsapp message to +1-845-419-8129  

Ready to apply? 

CLICK HERE to start the application online. Applications are also available in other languages. 

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