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Intensive English Program


The Intensive English Program is designed to help general English language learners to improve all of the major language skill sets, including: 

  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Writing 
  • Grammar

Each semester includes selected topics that may focus on culture (such as language through American pop culture), focused skills (such as pronunciation), or English for specific purposes (such as Business English).

English Proficiency Test Scores
Levels and Duration
Dates and Cost
Summer Session Option
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English Proficiency Test Scores

You are not required to submit English proficiency test scores with your application to the Intensive English Program. Students will be tested during orientation. 

However, if you have taken an English proficiency test within the last two years you may be eligible for pre-placement - this means that we can tell you what level you will begin the program in in advance. You may submit any valid English test scores for consideration. The chart below shows our officially accepted test scores for pre-placement. 

E-mail all scanned documents to 





Level 1 (Beginner) 




Level 2 (Intermediate) 




Level 3 (Advanced) 




Level 4 (Academic Purposes) 




 Pre-placement scores for Level 1 and Level 2 are unavailable. Levels will be determined during orientation week. 
* No band score below 5.0
** No band score below 5.5



Students arriving on F-1 visas should submit their applications and documents before the dates below in order to have adequate time to receive your I-20 and apply for your F-1 visa. 

Summer 2020: May 15, 2020
Fall 2020: June 15, 2020 

Applications may be considered after these dates but are not guaranteed to be accepted for that term. Students may have their application deferred to the next session. 

Permanent Residents and U.S. citizens may apply up until the final day of the Add/Drop Course period, which can be found on the Academic Calendar.  Contact for more information. 



New Student Orientation is offered and mandatory for all international students and happens before classes begin. On-campus students will move into the residence halls, all students will meet academic advisers and finalize course registration, and students will be required to present immigration documents with the International Student Programs Office.

Important information will be shared to all students, and there will also be time for social activities, tours of New Paltz, and meeting other new and continuing students.

JFK airport pick-up is available for reservation and can be reserved through your ISS Portal.

Click here for the upcoming orientation schedule and other ISS Portal information.



All full-time students will take 18-20 hours of classwork focused on developing their proficiency in English.

In addition, coursework is designed to introduce a variety of academic and professional skills, focusing on each students' specific goals for learning the language. By the end of the program students will have improved their proficiency, gained important study skills, and have a better understanding of the campus resources.

Click here for a list of registered courses, or email Jason Serrano at to learn about Special Topics courses currently being offered.


Levels and Duration

Click here for information about Levels and Duration offered at the Haggerty English Language Institute

We accept students of all language proficiency levels for our Intensive English Program but recommend that students have at least an Intermediate-level (CEFR A2) prior to arrival. Students who have a lower proficiency will be encouraged to work with a tutor or engage in additional self-study to ensure their success through the program.

Students will be placed in one of four levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Academic Purposes) depending on their level of proficiency. Coursework and class expectations will align with the students level of proficiency.


Dates and Cost

Click here to view upcoming dates and current cost for the program


Summer Session

Work hard, and complete a level of the Intensive English Program in five weeks! 

Our 5-week summer session is another great way to develop your English skills in a short amount of time. The short length of the program is ideal for self-motivated and dedicated students who are ready to work hard, and for those who just want a little extra help before the start of a full semester. 

Our summer session also has weekly trips and activities sponsored by the Center for International Programs, and others put on by the town of New Paltz. This means that your summer experience will both be work and play!

Students enrolling in summer session will enroll in different courses based on their skill level.

Levels: A, B, and C

Students in these levels will take a Communication Skills course and an Integrated Skills course.  

Communication Skills will combine elements of listening, speaking, and grammar into one course. These courses will require the student to participate in presentations, lecture-listening, and practice responding to academic lectures. 

Students who continue into Fall semester will have their Fall level determined by a combination of their course grade and a final English placement test.   

Summer Academic Purposes 

Students in this level will take the Reading and Writing module and Listening and Speaking module normally offered in Fall and Spring. These courses will be more intensive versions of the semester long versions.  Students are expected to already have Academic-level understanding of English grammar. 

Completion of this course is equivalent to completing the 16-week Academic Purposes level in Fall or Spring. Students will still be expected to meet all requirements for program completion, including course grade, writing portfolio, and a presentation judged by a panel.


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