Mission Statement

The mission of the English Department is to teach students English and American literature, to introduce them to other literary traditions, and to develop their ability to read critically and write clearly. Our broad, historically based curriculum is designed to educate a student population diverse in age, ethnicity and educational background. Provided that prerequisites are met, all courses are open to all students in the college.

We teach all students critical judgment in aesthetic and cultural questions. In particular, we prepare first-year students for their college careers through the composition program; provide writing instruction to students of all majors through writing-intensive courses; introduce students to literary traditions and develop their critical thinking skills in a range of General Education courses; offer a broad undergraduate curriculum with thorough coverage of English and American literature and selected coverage of World literature to liberal arts and Education students majoring in English; provide training and practice in creative writing to students of any major, especially to English majors with a concentration in creative writing; and offer an intensive graduate curriculum in English and American literature to MA, MS, and MAT students. A historical emphasis in all English programs underpins and provides the basic logic for the breadth and diversity of our curriculum. Our curricular offerings are also enhanced by the opportunity for students to complete their major plans by drawing on courses from other departments.