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Thanks for visiting the Composition Program at SUNY New Paltz. We believe that initial writing courses are foundational to student success both in college and beyond. We hope this site will provide you with useful information and resources. Please contact us if you have questions about the Composition Program. 

First-year writing courses offered by the Composition Program assist students in developing the capacities to think critically and to expand their depth of knowledge in order to become lifelong learners as well as productive citizens and members of society.

The Composition Program consists of Composition I and II, Composition I and II Supplemental Writing Workshop (SWW), Composition I and II English as a Second Language (ESL/SWW), General Honors English I and II, and Intermediate Composition courses. Students are required to complete a two-course Composition sequence in order to graduate; this is a university policy that applies to all matriculated students from all majors.


ENG 160 Composition I ENG 180 Composition II
ENG 206 General Honors English II ENG 207 Intermediate Composition

Matt Newcomb, Composition Program Coordinator, JFT 702A
Joann Deiudicibus, Composition Program Assistant, JFT 702
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