Writing and Rhetoric Publications

We are proud of our excellent program publications here in Composition at SUNY New Paltz. Not only do they display strong student writing, but they are also shared as models in many classes. Below you can access our main publications past and present.

New Voices, New Visions

This collection of essays features the best writing in Composition and Writing & Rhetoric courses, and displays the variety of modes, genres, and situations that prompt students to show their skills.

The 2022 collection, New Voices, New Visions can be read here on Pressbooks.

We will accept submissions written by students in any of our classes through the end of the Fall 2022 semester.

Previous editions of New Voices, New Visions are available online to illustrate approaches to particular writing assignments as well as a variety of experiences, to provide inspiration, or to simply enjoy!


Fresh Exchanges (formerly Fresh Perspectives/ESL Exchanges)

In previous years, the Supplemental Writing Workshop program in Composition would compile a collection of the best writing under the guidance of SWW Program Director, Rachel Rigolino. For many years, she and now-retired instructor, Penny Freel (many times with the help of former adjunct instructor Pat Corbett) would work together to edit and publish two texts into one printed collection of thoughtful and motivating work from student writing in Composition SWW courses and Composition ESL/multi-language learner courses. This publication showcased academic and creative skills, and explored multicultural voices on our campus and beyond.

Recent editions of Fresh Exchanges are available by request. 


Fresh Perspectives Fall 2013 -- ESL Exchanges Spr 2013
Fresh Perspectives Fall 2012 -- ESL Exchanges Spr 2012
Fresh Perspectives Spr 2011 -- ESL Exchanges Fall 2011
Fresh Perspectives Fall 2010 -- ESL Exchanges Spr 2011
Fresh Perspectives Spr 2010 -- ESL Exchanges Fall 2010
Fresh Perspectives Fall 2009
Fresh Perspectives Spr 2009 
Fresh Perspectives Spr 2008

Other Publications:

Many individual classes do their own publications. Those are available to explore here.

The College Initiative - 2012 magazine
The College Initiative - 2011 magazine
The College Initiative - 2010 magazine