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MSEd. Plan of Study

The MSEd is a 30 credit graduate program that enables students to complete the curriculum requirement for professional certification in New York State. The program allows students to tailor the program to their interests and needs. At its core, the MSEd aims to deepen teachers' knowledge of subject content, of the theory and practice of teaching and learning, and of the diverse contexts of education.

Curriculum Requirements (30 Credits)

Professional education (6 credits)

Diversity education (3 credits)

Research (6 credits)
SED701 Inquiry into Teaching, Learning, and School Part I (3 credits)
SED702 Inquiry into Teaching, Learning, and School Part II (3 credits)

Courses in Discipline and Electives (15 credit hours)

Students in the MSEd English program also complete an Exit Exam in their final semester of study.