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TA Program



  • Acceptance into the English MA program. Only MA students are eligible for teaching assistantships.
  • During the academic year, a TA may not hold a teaching position at another institution. Part-time work (e.g., in the SUNY New Paltz Tutoring Center) of up to 10 hours per week is permitted.
  • Teach two courses per academic year: Composition 1 (fall); Composition 2 (spring)
  • Stipend: $2500 per semester ($5000 per academic year) plus tuition waiver for two graduate courses per semester (other fees may apply).
  • Support is provided through 30 credits. The maximum number of semesters of support is therefore five, and the number of semesters of support will be reduced by one for each 6 credits of course work completed before entering the TA program. Students must have at least 9 credits remaining in their graduate program when they begin the assistantship; the minimum duration for an assistantship is two semesters. (Note: if an odd number of courses has been completed before entering the TA program, support will be provided through 33 credits.)

 Applying to be a TA

  • Students not currently enrolled in the MA program must apply for admission (please review the requirements for applying to our MA program). Please note that the MA application is a separate application from the TA program and has different requirements and deadlines. You must submit all MA application materials to the Graduate School in your application, including items that are duplicated in the TA application (recommendation letters, transcript, writing sample).
  • Once you decide to apply for a TA position, please email English Department Secretary Ethel Wesdorp (wesdorpe@newpaltz.edu) to let her know your intention. Provide her with your name, contact information, and your Banner ID# (N#) if you are a current or former New Paltz student.
  • The application to the TA program should be submitted to the English Department and must include:
    1. TA Application Form
    2. A letter of interest
    3. Three letters of recommendation (with TA Recommendation Form attached)
    4. Official copies of all undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate transcripts
    5. 7-10 page academic writing sample
    6. CV or Resume 
    7. Grading Sample (supplied to you by Ethel Wesdorp when you contact her)
  • Deadlines: April 1 for the Fall Semester, November 1 for the Spring
  • Please submit your application to:

SUNY New Paltz English Department
JFT 714, 600 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561

Questions about the TA application can be addressed to Ethel Wesdorp (wesdorpe@newpaltz.edu)