Digital Fabrication Lab

Vinyl Cutter

The lab is equipped with a Roland GX 24 Vinyl Cutter. It has a cut width of 22.9″ with both roll and sheet options. This machine cuts adhesive backed vinyl for decals, stencils, and resists which can be applied via transfer paper to a number of different surfaces.

Once a file has been cut, there is a secondary process called weeding which is the removal of either the positive or negative space from the image. This is a process best done in the lab where we have the proper tools to do so--it is a good idea to leave some time for this process.


Roland GX 24 accepted file types:

Ai (Adobe Illustrator) **Files MUST be saved as Version: Illustrator CC (Legacy) 

Roland GX 24 permissible materials: 

Adhesive backed Vinyl


How to prepare files the Vinyl Cutter 



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