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Digital Fabrication Lab

CNC Router

The CNC Router is housed adjacent to the woodshop in FAB 223. Ours here at SUNY New Paltz is a ShopBot PRS Standard with a cut bed size of 48″ × 96″ and a Z height clearance of 6″

Accepted file formats:

2.5D profile cutting: DXF, AI.

contour milling (3D cuts): STEP, 3DM


Permissible materials:



CNC Router Access:

- Individuals looking to use the CNC Router should contact the IST to go over the scope of their project, asses their file, and arrange a time for cutting.

IST: Conor Landenberger
ext: 3895

- Similar to the rest of the machines here in the lab, cut files must be developed by the user. We request that if you are looking to utilize the CNC router that you come in with a file already prepared. Acceptable file formats are: DXF, AI (vector line work), and CDR (vector line work). For 3D routing: STEP.

- The run-time cost for the CNC router is $37.50 per hour ($.0625 per min.) This fee is for SUNY New Paltz students, faculty and staff. Pricing for external clients will differ.

- It is REQUIRED that the user be present for the loading of material, routing, and unloading of cut parts. When consulting with the IST about your project, inquire as to what the best days are for cutting and plan accordingly.

- We have bits on hand that can be used for cutting. These are used “shop bits” so there are no guarantees in regards to edge finish. Some sanding of finished parts may be required. If your project requires a specific level of edge finish, or a specialized bit that we do not have, it is asked that the user provide their own bit. A wide variety of cutters can be found through the links below.


- Do to storage limitations the DFL is not in the position to provide materials. Materials should be procured by the user and brought to FAB 223. If you are having materials delivered, please use the address below.*

1 Hawk Drive
Fine Arts Building (FAB)
SUNY New Paltz
New Paltz, NY

*Individuals ordering materials will be in charge of receiving their own deliveries. No one from the DFL will be able to serve as a point of contact for a distributor.

- Raw lumber (non-sheet goods) should be brought to the router in dimensional form. Rough edges should be trued and wood should be a uniform thickness. If one does not have access to the wood shop, or the appropriate tools, it would be best to arrange a time with the IST to make these changes to your material.

- Lastly, we cannot guarantee perfection. Every project brought through our shop is new to us so inevitably, there is the chance that things may go wrong. We will do everything within our power to ensure the best final product, but again, we cannot guarantee perfection, and have no way of promising re-cuts. So, with this in mind, be willing and open to learn from this process and we will continue to do the same.


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