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Digital Fabrication Lab

Digital Fabrication Lab

SUNY New Paltz Digital Fabrication lab

Lab and Office: Smiley Art Building 116 (SAB 116)

CNC Router Facility: Fine Art Building 223 (FAB 223)


How do I access a machine in the lab?

  • All equipment use is done through scheduled appointments with lab technicians

  • Appointments are made through our on-line reservation system below

  • Machine access will not be granted to those without appointments

  • If your project will take more than the 1/2 hr appointment, schedule multiple appointments in a row. 

  • Individuals 10 minutes late for an appointment will forfeit that time slot and must reschedule. 




Guidelines for the space

The Digital Fabrication Lab works with Students, Faculty, and Staff from all disciplines within the SUNY New Paltz community. We are here to help facilitate any project which falls within the capabilities and permissible use of our machines. To ensure the user has a good working experience with the lab and its staff, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines when attempting to access the DFL and its resources.


You must have a file prepared.

If you are looking to utilize a piece of equipment in the Lab we ask that you come in with a file prepared for that machine, ready to process, at the time of your reservation. The technicians are here to help with small fixes and fine tuning on a case-by-case basis but any major design changes are the responsibility of the user and will be done prior to scheduling any equipment reservations. To ensure that your file meets the accepted criteria of the various machines reference their respective pages on the DFL site.


Machines are not open access.

The equipment in the DFL is used with the permission and oversight of a Lab technician. All equipment use must be scheduled through our on-line reservation system. Individuals are required to be present at the machine for the duration of their job’s run time, but the initial setup and authorization of a job will always be done by a Lab technician.


There are fees for machine use.

Job costs are outlined on our Pricing Information page. These fees cover machine upkeep / consumables and materials inventory. If a material you are looking to use is not listed, reference our Supplies page for vendor information. Jobs and materials are paid for on-site, upon project completion, through our online payment system.


Lab based workshops must be scheduled in advance. 

Faculty and Staff looking to utilize the lab as part of their curriculum must give ample notice of their project time line and parameters to avoid scheduling overlaps. Workshop dates and times will be scheduled at the discretion of the IST, Conor Landenberger. The calendar listing both scheduled class times and open lab hours can be found on the DFL calendar. Please reference this calendar to see when would be a good time schedule a class workshop.