Digital Fabrication Lab

Digital Fabrication Lab

Resource Reservation Calendar

The Resource Reservation System will be closed for the summer. Current graduate students, faculty, and staff looking to access equipment in the DFL during this period must email to coordinate an appointment. Please include in your email: 

  • The scope of your project. 
  • Your completed file ready to be processed. 

Visit for file preparation guidelines.  

You must contact the technician at least three days in advance of your proposed appointment. The technician will coordinate scheduling with you and add your appointment to the reservation system. Please reach out with any questions. 


Please see our calendar for lab hours.

Looking for an open computer lab with Rhino and Adobe? 

  • Mac labs SAB 210 / 212 
  • PC labs CSB 21 / 118 
  • Mac labs CSB 119 

Want to access campus computers remotely? Try the NP VDI: 


COVID-19 Related Recommendations:

  • Feel free to wear a mask.
  • Sanitize your hands upon entry to the DFL, before using a computer, common tools, equipment, etc. 
  • Sanitize your keyboard and mouse with spray before and after use:
    • Spray cleaner onto paper towel.
    • Wipe down mouse and keyboard.
    • Let dry up to 2 minutes.
  • No eating in the DFL. 


SUNY New Paltz Digital Fabrication Lab

Lab and Office: Smiley Art Building 100 (SAB 100)

CNC Router: Fine Art Building 223 (FAB 223)

How do I access equipment in the lab?

  • All equipment use is done through scheduled appointments with lab technicians.
  • Appointments are made through our on-line resource reservation system below.
  • Machine access will not be granted to those without appointments.
  • If your project will take more than the 1/2-hour appointment, schedule multiple appointments in a row. 
  • Individuals 10 minutes late for an appointment will forfeit that time slot and need to reschedule. 


Resource Reservation Calendar 


NextEngine 3D Scanner Reservation Calendar