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Digital Fabrication Lab


We do sell some consumable items here in the lab. Check the pricing information page for a full list. For what we don't carry, we have created this list of suppliers to give you a push in the right direction.

It is not always easy to find places which will sell just what you need in small quantities, these links will bring you to vendors who will do just that.


Inventables: www.inventables.com

What: Maker / Digital Fabrication oriented consumable

Inventables is the best resource for specific material needs. They acrylic in a wide array of colors as well as a variety wood and specialty products. They are very well stocked have excellent customer service. Definitely the good first stop on a materials search.


McMAsterr Carr: www.mcmaster.com

What: Hardware / General consumables

McMasterr Carr is probably the greatest seller of hardware, consumables, and tools you will ever find. Chances are if they don't have what you need, you probably don't need it. If you are looking for something specific, similar to Inventables, this is a great place to start.


Sparkfun:  www.sparkfun.com

What: General electronics / Arduino

Sparkfun is an incredible resource for electronics supplies as well as a large number of Arduino kits and affiliated hardware. The Sparkfun website also has a wealth of How to tutorials. If you have questions on how to do something specific, again, this is a good place to start. 


Esty: www.etsy.com

What: odds and ends / a bit of everything

Etsy, really? Really! Many specialty items people are looking for they can find, but only in bulk. Etsy is a great place to connect with individuals selling, wholesale, smaller quantities of very specific consumable items. Try it out, you will be surprised what you find.


H&H sign supply: www.hhsignsupply.com

What: Vinyl supplier

This is where the lab purchases its Vinyl and transfer paper. If they don't have it, you don't need it. 


 Smooth-On: www.shop.smooth-on.com/

What: Mold making / casting supplies

The Smooth-On shop is perhaps the best all in one location for mold making and casting supplies.


Locally there are also a number suppliers to check:

True Value: 

4 Cherry Hill Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561

True Value does not have much in the way of sheet goods, but it does have the best hardware selection in town.


650 NY-299, Highland, NY 12528

Lowes best for simple sheet goods: Plywood and MDF. Lowes charges for delivery so one will need to provide their own transportation for pickup. 

Condon Lumber:

55 S Green Haven Rd, Stormville, NY 12582

Conodon lumber is best for specialty sheet goods and hardwoods. They will not deliver small orders so you will need to go to them, but they are definitely one of the best around for specific, hard to find wood products. 

Rhinebeck Art supplies:

188 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561

General Art supplies. Great resource for matteboard and other more specific paper items.

P&T Surplus:

198 Abeel St, Kingston, NY 12401

General Madness. P&T Surpluss is 1/2 salvage yard, 1/2 hardware store, 1/2 yardsale. It is an AMAZING local resource for random odds and ends you may need for a project. 

NOTE: P&T sells a lot of random plastic sheets. We cannot cut plastic on the laser cutter if we don't know exactly what it is. We DO NOT recommend purchasing plastic materials for the laser cutter at P&T.