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Digital Fabrication Lab

Laser Cutter

Here in the lab we have a Laser Pro C180. It is a 40 watt C02 laser with a bed size of 12"H x 18"W. It can easily cut and /or engrave materials such as wood, cardboard, and acrylic up to 1/8” thick.

There is a nominal fee for both laser time and materials which can be paid in the lab. Individuals may bring in their own materials for use with the laser but they MUST pass our list of approved materials. The user MUST be present for the duration of their job. The operation of the laser will be done ONLY by a trained lab technician. 


Laser Pro accepted files types: 

cutting:  Ai, DXF 

engraving: JPEG, PDF

Please note that all files are sent to the cutter with Adobe Illustrator CS6. Please ensure your final layout is in this format.


Laser Pro permissible materials:



Is your file ready for the Laser Cutter? Review this checklist prior to bringing your files to the lab for processing. 

Is your file ready for the laser cutter?


We STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that your read this packet prior to bringing your files to the lab for processing.



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