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Digital Fabrication Lab

General Information

Digital Fabrication Lab: General Information

How do I access the resources in the Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL)?


Make an appointment

All equipment use by faculty, staff, and students is done by appointment. Appointments are made through our online resource reservation calendar found on the home page of www.newpaltz.edu/dfl.


Understand the software

SUNY New Paltz provides resources to students, faculty, and staff to learn the software necessary for equipment use in the DFL. Educational resources can be found on the Helpful Links page.


Have your file ready

Anyone making an equipment reservation must have their file prepared for the machine they are looking to use. File criteria for specific machines can be found on the File Preparation page. If your file does not meet the specifications in these documents you will be asked to reschedule.

Lab staff are not able to alter or correct your file. Please reference the educational resources listed above to ensure your file is prepared prior to scheduling your appointment.


Have your materials ready

The list of materials for sale in the lab can be found on our Pricing Information page. When specifying project materials please do the following:

  • Reference the Permissible Materials page. Here you will the lists of permissible materials for the machines in the lab. The lab will not cut materials not found on the permissible materials pages.

  • Investigate our Suppliers page, which lists resources for the purchase of materials not found in the DFL. Before purchasing, make sure what you are buying is a permissible material for the machine you want to


How can I get advice or answers to questions I have about a project I’d like to do?

Individuals who need assistance beyond the information and resources provided here regarding equipment access or materials may schedule an IST consultation appointment through our resource reservation calendar found on the home page.  


Digital Fabrication Lab: Faculty Information


How do I send a student to the DFL?

 Faculty may send students to the DFL. Prior to sending someone, faculty must reference students to the lab access guidelines on the General Information page.

  • The student must have a file prepared and ready for the machine. The   guidelines for a prepared file are found on the File Preparation page.

  • The student will be required to pay for materials and services from the DFL out of pocket. Fees paid for other courses are not applicable to costs incurred in the

  • Faculty may integrate the DFL into courses they are teaching by developing a specific project to be carried out using the labs equipment.


How can I integrate the DFL into a class I am teaching?

  • Faculty must provide the IST with a concise project description, software / hardware requirements, proposed timeline, and materials set by the end of the semester prior to the one in which the workshop will be Scheduling is limited and priority will be given on a first come first serve basis.

  • Individuals proposing workshops should consult with their IFR account manager to ensure that the project falls within the course budget.

  • The DFL IST is present to facilitate the use of equipment. Teaching and instruction, including use of software, is the responsibility of faculty proposing the project.

If the scope of work, including software being used, is beyond the skillset of faculty proposing the project, faculty must consult with the IST to discuss the projects feasibility.


How can I get trained on the equipment in the lab?


  • Information about equipment training can be found on the Equipment Training page. Sessions will be posted on our resource reservation calendar at the beginning of each semester.

  • We ask that you have files prepared for a project you are currently working on which pertain to the machine on which you are requesting training. You will be asked to provide these files and any necessary materials for your project during the training session.

  • In order to obtain machine access one must fulfill all required training sessions within the time frames specified on the Equipment Training page.


How can I get advice or answers to questions I have about a project I’d like to do with my class?

If faculty need assistance beyond the information and resources provided here regarding equipment access or materials, please schedule an IST consultation appointment through the resource reservation calendar at www.newpaltz.edu/dfl.