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Psychological Counseling Center


Often, the best way for PCC to assist a student is to provide a referral to a local area therapist. In addition to providing the names of private local providers, PCC staff will work with students and provide coaching about how to contact a local provider and discuss personal mental health needs. In general, the process of finding a private therapist includes:

  • Locating your insurance policy information, including phone or web site, often found on your insurance card
  • Inquiring about benefit coverage for "outpatient mental health care"
  • Looking up a list of "mental health providers" in the New Paltz area on the company website, or by speaking to a representative on the phone
  • Calling the therapist and leaving a message on his/her voice mail
  • Be sure to provide your contact number and the best time for the therapist to return your call

Should private therapy services be needed, students may need to utilize their private or Student Health Insurance to help offset the cost of services.  Students may refer to the PCC flyer Referral Handout 2019 for more information.

Though frequently requested, the Psychological Counseling Center (PCC) does not provide counseling for court-mandated or court-related therapy. PCC staff will provide referrals to local area therapists who do offer this service.