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Student Health Insurance

2013-2014 Policy Information

2013-2014 Student Insurance Brochure

Brief Summary of Student Health Insurance Plan 2013-2014


  • WEBSITE:  Aetna Student Health

  • PHONE:  Aetna Student Health Customer Service Team   1-866-577-4493

    SUNY New Paltz Aetna Student Health Policy #   846566

2012-2013 Policy Information

Introductory Letter Regarding Student Health Insurance Plan 2012-2013

2012-2013 Student Insurance Brochure


General Insurance InformationSUNY New Paltz requires full-time students to have health insurance; this is further explained on the Student Accounts website. This site explains that students with 12 credits are billed for the College's health insurance plan, offered through Aetna Student Health. Students may waive this policy only by completing a waiver form and submitting it to the Student Accounts Office. Students doing so must have another form of health insurance. The waiver deadline for fall is Sept. 6, 2013, for spring it is Feb. 15, 2014.

Students with six credits are eligible to enroll in the student insurance plan by request on a voluntary basis. Requests should be made through Student Accounts by the end of the second week of each semester.  Please note that this year, eligible dependents are also able to enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan.  This can be done only if the student is also enrolled.

The Student Insurance Plan is managed by Collegiate Insurance Resources (CIR). Their website has information on our student plan as well as other insurance and discount programs for dental coverage, vision coverage, fire and theft coverage, etc.  They also offer a discount program for $29 per year that provides discounts on dental, vision, prescriptions, chiropractic care, alternative medicine, hearing, fitness program, and nutritional supplements and vitamins. This discount program is offered through Best Benefits. For more information view the Best Benefit Discount Program on the Web.

It is important to be aware of the services that are covered by your plan. These services are described in the 2013-2014 Student Insurance Brochure. Please click on links above to obtain more information regarding the 2013-2014 Student Insurance Plan.

The Plan utilizes a preferred provider organization (PPO) to hold down student costs. The utilized PPO is Aetna Student Health's PPO.  Aetna Student Health offers a national network of physicians, hospitals and other providers, having over 500,000 providers under contract throughout the country. Please note that even though you may find a provider on their website, this does not guarantee that the services those providers may give you would be covered under the Plan. You should always ask the provider if they still continue to participate in Aetna Student Health PPO, as providers sometimes discontinue their participation in PPO’s.


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