Psychological Counseling Center

Our Services

Whether you are struggling with school-specific issues such as adjusting to living on campus or keeping up with schoolwork, or you are concerned about more long-standing issues such as anxious thought patterns, difficulty managing feelings of sadness or anger, challenges in relationships, or concerns about your family, the PCC is here to help. We provide supportive and solution-oriented interventions, and can help students build both their internal and external resources.

Our services are personally tailored to your specific needs, with special attention to your culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, religion, and ability. The PCC staff is highly skilled, knowledgeable, diverse, and student-centered. Every effort is made to maximize positive treatment outcomes in your work with us.

We look forward to partnering with you, and supporting you in your academic pursuits, personal development, and wellness journey.

PCC services are available to undergraduate and graduate students registered for the current semester. Services are provided at no cost.



Students may walk into the PCC or call us at 845-257-2920 to arrange an appointment. Upon first contact, you will be asked some brief questions to determine the urgency of need, and thus whether the appointment will be an intake or a crisis appointment.

Students presenting with urgent needs are invited to call or walk into the PCC for immediate crisis support, instead of scheduling an intake. See Crisis Intervention for more information.

What to Expect at Intake 

The intake appointment may be your first relationship with the Psychological Counseling Center. The purpose of this appointment is to listen to your concerns, assess how best to assist you, and collaborate to decide the best treatment option. You are encouraged to arrive about 15 minutes early to the intake appointment, in order to complete secure online questionnaires about demographics, historical information, and current symptoms. 

Following the initial appointment, and depending upon a student's needs and clinician availability, you may be scheduled for group or individual therapy services at the PCC, directed to another campus department, or referred to a provider in the local community. If time-limited individual therapy is appropriate, you may continue with the intake clinician, or may be scheduled with another PCC clinician, depending on availability and your specific treatment goals.

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