Psychological Counseling Center

Our Services

It is not always easy to reach out for help. To make the process easier, the PCC has a variety of services to assist students.

For more information about each service, please click on the title.

Individual Counseling
Time-limited confidential psychotherapy is available to currently-registered New Paltz students at no fee. 

Group Counseling
Group counseling offers an opportunity for students to work together on common concerns with an aim toward personal growth and change.  All groups are facilitated by a licensed PCC clinician.

Workshops provide learning opportunities and skills for students, and may be created for specific groups at their request.  In the Spring 2023, PCC will provide workshops open to all students.   Check back for details, or watch our Instagram @newpaltzpcc for updates.

#SkillstoChill is a 3-session group workshop about anxiety; coping tips and strategies are a focus of the group! Stay tuned for updated schedule.  Conact the PCC at 845-257-2920 to ask for more information and for enrollment.  

Practicing Positive Masculinity is about building connection and community through interactive workshops that explore masculinity in society.  No need to register.   Contact the PCC for more information.

Emergency Contact/Crisis Intervention
PCC senior staff members are available to assist students in a crisis. When a mental health emergency occurs during regular business hours, call the PCC office at 845-257-2920 for immediate assistance. During weekends and after-hours when school is in session, please call the same office number, and ask to be connected to the PCC "Emergency Contact for Student Consult" (ECSC).

Psychiatric Consultation
The PCC offers time-limited psychiatric consultation to New Paltz student who are current clients.

Concerned about a Student?
PCC staff provide information, education and recommendations to students, campus staff, and family members regarding psychological concerns relative to the healthy development of college students.

Let's Talk
PCC staff provide one-on-one, informal, brief consultation and support for students at drop-in sessions.  These sessions may take place at the Student Union Building or elsewhere on campus.  Spring 2023 "Let's Talk"sessions will be held in SUB room 416 from 1-3pm every wednesday for students to connect to a PCC counselor for one-on-one assistance and support. 

Based on PCC resources and a student's individual goals and needs, students may be referred to community providers for continuing care and treatment.  PCC staff will assist students with referrals.

Graduate Training Opportunities and Information  The PCC functions as a training site for graduate mental health counseling and social work students, and psychology doctoral candidates.


What are the credentials and standards of the PCC?

The PCC interdisciplinary professional staff may include licensed social workers, licensed psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, and a consulting psychiatrist. Our consulting psychiatrist has a M.D. in adolescent and young adult psychiatric services.

The PCC is the college's primary training site for the graduate-level mental health counseling program. Additionally, graduate trainees in mental health counseling, social work, and psychology doctoral candidates from other schools, may intern at the PCC as well. All trainees at the PCC provide counseling only under the clinical supervision of PCC senior staff.

The PCC adheres to the ethical, professional, and confidentiality guidelines of the psychology and social work professions.