Psychological Counseling Center

Psychiatric Consultation: Eligibility Guidelines

The PCC offers psychiatric consultation services to students who are current clients at the Counseling Center. For many students, access to our part-time consulting psychiatrist is a unique opportunity to consult with a psychiatrist, ask questions about psychiatric difficulties, and begin medication treatment, conjointly with psychotherapy ("talk therapy").

Eligibility for psychiatric services is modeled after a short term psychotherapy approach.  To be eligible for a psychiatric assessment or medication evaluation with the PCC consulting psychiatrist, a client must be referred  by a PCC senior staff member.  When a student ends psychotherapy at the Counseling Center, the student is eligible for one concluding consultation with the psychiatrist and is then referred to a private psychiatrist or physician off campus.

Medications are not provided by the PCC; nor are samples of medication provided. Please note that after a prescription is written, it is the responsibility of the student client to fill prescriptions.

Please check the “Prescription Medication” coverage in your family’s private insurance policy, or your New Paltz student health insurance policy.

Those students already receiving treatment from their private psychiatrist are encouraged to continue their medication evaluations and monitoring follow-up visits with their private psychiatrist. Since both the Psychological Counseling Center’s individual counseling and the psychiatric consultation services are short-term and time-limited, continuing with a private psychiatrist will extend your care. Please contact us if you have questions.