Career Resource Center

A FREE online professional networking tool allowing you to develop your career, expand your network, & gain industry knowledge
  • Use the SUNY New Paltz Alumni page to see job titles and companies of nearly 38,000 alums with your major 
  • Identify and connect with contacts for informational interviews 
  • Job search for millions of listings across the world
  • Research and follow companies you hope to intern/work for
  • View these video tutorials to help get you started and make the most of your online networking

The First Step: Create Your Profile

Next Step: Start to Connect

  • Make meaningful connections
    • Only connect to contacts who you know or have a reason to connect to. For example, supervisors, classmates, professors, advisors, neighbors, etc. If you would like to connect to an alum or contact at a specific company, be sure to write a message explaining your intentions for the connection. Perhaps an informational interview? The Career Resource Center can help with this approach!
  • Endorse peers/colleagues and ask them to endorse you
    • Endorsements will come from people who have witnessed your skill in class or at an internship or job. For example, group members collaborating in a class project may be able to endorse each other for presentation, problem-solving, and/or critical thinking skills, among others.
  • Ask supervisors and mentors for recommendations
    • Supervisors/mentors can also endorse your skillset, but a recommendation will provide a more detailed account of your accomplishments further proving abilities.
  • Follow groups or companies that interest you
    • Companies and interest groups are often posting articles, job listings, and posing questions to their followers. This is a great way to stay in tuned to the language used in your industry and up to date on important events. You may be able to use the information gained here at networking events and in job interviews!