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The Career Resource Center is dedicated to working with employers to develop and/or promote professional opportunities for our students.

SUNY New Paltz is a highly selective university with over 6500 undergraduate and 1000 graduate students representing 150 different areas of study.  In addition, our students embody a high level of cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity.  

To get started recruiting SUNY New Paltz students and alumni, contact the Career Resource Center at 845-257-3265 or email the director, Mark McFadden to learn more about any of the following services:


Post your internship or full‐time job opportunities for free on the Career Resource Center's online career database. Simply go to HawkHire and click "Sign-up" or "Sign-up and Post Job" to request an account.

Career fairs/events

The Career Resource Center hosts a Networking Fair for Jobs and Internships each semester in addition to etiquette dinners, networking events, information sessions, and panel discussions.  On-campus career fairs, events and deadlines

On‐campus interviews

Please contact the Career Resource Center to develop a plan to recruit and schedule interviews.

Classroom presentations

We offer opportunities for employers to speak about their companies in classes, at workshops, dinners, and conferences throughout the school year. Please ask us how you can become involved.

Resume collections

We will post your position on Hawkhire and promote it to targeted students. After an agreed upon deadline, we will compile and send you resumes for your review. We can then discuss next steps with respect to scheduling interviews.  

Partnership programs

Sponsoring events and student resources are an effective way to increase employer visibility and student interest. Sponsorships support career focused student programs, the development of internship opportunities, and student‐employer networking events.

Host a site visit

You choose the day and time and we will bring the students to you. Site visits usually last one to three hours and include an overview of the organization and career opportunities, a tour of the facility, and an opportunity to network with current employees.  

Community Organization Services

 The SUNY New Paltz Career Resource Center is committed to providing students and alumni with valuable volunteer opportunities. Questions can be directed to Service Learning Coordinator, Erica Wagner.

  • Students and alumni can participate in one-time, short-term or ongoing projects with community-based organizations.
  • Individuals and groups of students can assist with projects. Examples include, but are not limited to: tutoring, mentoring, fundraising, or special events.

We host a variety of annual events including:

For additional volunteer information, please visit our Campus and Community Organization page