Makerbot Innovation Center

The MakerBot Innovation Center is a 3D printing resource for the SUNY New Paltz community. Our goal is help the community to use 3D printing as a tool for education and innovation. The system described below for accessing the Innovation Center is designed for printing for academic and experimental use only. If you are printing for commercial purposes, please contact the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center at Note that we will not print anything resembling a functional weapon.

Information Needed to Print a File

Please review Makerware How To for more detailed information on how to make sure your file is ready to print.

You need to provide a file in .stl format to be 3D printed. Please submit using the link to the form below. You will receive an email indicating that the file is ready to print, the cost for printing and a link to pay by credit/debit card. Once payment is confirmed by you emailing a receipt back to, we will start the build. Your file should adhere to the following:

  • Name the file with the date and your ID# (eg. N012345878 8-24-14)
  • Dimensions should be in either mm or inches
  • Total size of the build must be smaller than 7x5x5in. or 177x127x127mm
  • We will not print files that take more than 6 hours. Larger objects must be sectioned and, if you will need to section it and print in multiple builds, submitted as separate files

You should check to make sure that your file is manifold, does not have any naked edges, reversed normal or overlapping geometries. Meshmixer and Netfabb are two different free programs than can check for these problem. Although we check each file before giving you a cost estimate, we are not responsible for failed builds due to these errors.

You should first try slicing your file in Makerbot Desktop (this is a free download from Print preview will give you an estimate of the amount of filament that will be used.

We can also print your files in ABS+. This is a better material and a better quality print with soluble support material.

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