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Packing Guide

You're getting ready for the big trip to SUNY New Paltz. The car is sitting 3 inches off the ground because of all the stuff you've crammed into it, and suddenly, it hits you: You've forgotten something. You're not sure what it is or where it is, but it's somewhere in your room, possibly underneath the bed.

In order to aid you in packing for school, we offer you these suggestions:

  • Pack what you NEED, not everything you want or own. Remember, you will be sharing a room with one or two other persons.
  • Don't forget clothes for all kinds of weather, including an umbrella and boots.
  • For your comfort, you may want to bring a small refrigerator. Make sure it is UL approved and does not exceed 5 cubic feet in volume, and requires three or less amps of electrical power. You can also rent one when you arrive on campus.
  • Other items you may want to bring: radio, sporting equipment, eating utensils, desk lamp, clothes iron, VCR/DVD player, TV, and a power surge/circuit breaker strip (UL approved) with a reset button.
  • Remember everything you bring must go back home with you at the end of the academic year.

Other things you shouldn't forget, but might:
Pillows, comforter, laundry detergent, towels, stamps, stationery, money for textbooks, hair dryer, toothbrush, toothpaste, high school yearbook, linens, toiletries, favorite stuffed animal, broom, pens, pencils, notebooks, computer, calendar, friends' addresses, bathing suit, telephone.



List of Prohibited Items 2016-2017


This is just a partial list of what to pack and what not to bring. So cancel your reservation for a U-Haul, and don't fret. No matter how hard you've tried to pack, you will never remember everything! Should you forget any item, remember New Paltz has many local businesses designed to meet consumer needs.

Good luck and see you soon!

You're almost here...


New Student FAQs

Q: I am signed up for Orientation. Now what?
A: You will receive a letter, no later than the second week of June, with all the information telling you what you need to do before Orientation.

Q: When do I get to select my room placement for the fall semester?
A: Students will select their fall room placement during their assigned Orientation session.

Q: I am not able to attend Orientation. How can I sign up for my room placement for the fall semester?
A: Students that are not able to attend orientation will be contacted by us the first week of August regarding their room assignment.