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Withdrawal from the College
reflects a student's intent to sever all affiliations with the College and to terminate matriculation. Students must file a Withdrawal from the College form with the Office of Records & Registration (WH 115), which will process the request. Students who are withdrawn from the College are blocked from taking any courses at New Paltz and must apply for readmission should they subsequently decide to return.

Withdrawal from the College differs from a Leave of Absence, and students are advised to consult their advisors, financial aid officers, health providers, or other trusted individuals to discuss the pros and cons of each. Additional information appears below. Guidance is also available from the Office of Records & Registration.

Note that students who do not register for more than two consecutive fall/spring semesters will be automatically withdrawn from the College.


Additional information about Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

If a student requests a withdrawal or leave of absence from the College before the end of the second week of classes, the student will be deregistered without transcript notation. If the college withdrawal or leave of absence occurs after the second week of classes, the student will be withdrawn from all in-progress courses and a W will be listed on the transcript.

Students may request a withdrawal or leave until the last day of classes. (The exact deadline appears in the Academic Calendar for each semester.) Students who stop attending class(es) and do not submit a completed Withdrawal from the College or Leave of Absence form will receive grades of "F."

Withdrawal and leave of absence may affect students' financial obligations. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts with questions about liability (e.g., tuition, fees, room and board) and aid. The tuition refund policy may also be of interest.