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Readmission Students

The New Paltz Readmission Application is now closed for Fall 2020.  It will become available again for the Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 semesters on August 1, 2020.


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Readmission and Re-Enrollment

  • Did you walk away from SUNY New Paltz without taking a leave of absence?
  • Did you withdraw from all your classes?
  • Did you transfer to another college?
  • Were you dismissed from SUNY New Paltz for academic or disciplinary reasons?
  • Did you assume you graduated from SUNY New Paltz, but just found out that you didn't?


If you were matriculated at SUNY New Paltz and your attendance at the college was interrupted for any reason for two or more consecutive semesters, or if you thought you graduated but did not because of course deficiencies and/or failure to submit the proper graduation paperwork ... You must apply for readmission!

Readmission is required for all non-graduates regardless of the number of credits believed to be lacking in order to receive the undergraduate degree.

Prior enrollment as a matriculated student does not constitute automatic readmission.  Prior enrollment does not guarantee entrance into your original major or fulfillment of any College-wide or SUNY graduation requirements.


You must be in good overall academic standing (minimum 2.0 GPA) and not on "Academic Warning" or "Academic Probation." A 2.0 GPA does not guarantee readmission to either the college or to a major.

You must have fulfilled all previous financial/judicial/health obligations to the college. All college holds on your records must be resolved prior to applying for readmission. Contact the Registrar's Office to determine if you have any holds.

If you were on "Academic Warning,"  "Academic Probation," or "Academically Dismissed," you are not eligible for consideration for readmission until one full year has elapsed since your last date of attendance at New Paltz. You must also have completed at least 12-15 credits of academic course work with at least a 2.75 GPA at another institution for consideration. 


  • The application and application fee of $50 should be sent to The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 100 Hawk Dr, New Paltz, NY 12561).
  • The application fee is non-refundable/non-transferable; Make check/money order payable to "SUNY New Paltz". 
  • Apply directly to a  major: "Undeclared" is not an option.
  • If you are reapplying to your previous major, list that major on the application and be aware that certain time-to-degree limitations (see section below) may affect the readmission decision.
  • If you are reapplying to a new major, list that major on the application and be aware that the readmission decision will be based on the current transfer admission criteria to that major (view the transfer requirements for specific majors on the Transfer Admission page).
  • If you attended SUNY New Paltz under a different last name, please indicate your previous name on all documents submitted.
  • You must submit official transcripts of all college work taken since leaving SUNY New Paltz to the Office of Undergraduate Admission by the application due date.


  • Fall - April 1
  • Spring - November 1

There is no summer session readmission.

Important Information for Art, Art Education, Music and Theatre Readmission Applicants:

You must submit a new portfolio or participate in a new audition/interview in order to be considered for readmission. Contact the appropriate department for details.

 All required documents must be received by Undergraduate Admission by the noted due date.

The College reserves the right to alter due dates without prior notice.


SUNY New Paltz Admission uses e-mail as its official method of communication. In order to assure that you receive all communications related to your application, please make sure the e-mail address that you provided on your application is correct. Please add SUNY New Paltz to your address book to avoid e-mails from being sent to spam folders.


The New Paltz Readmission Application is now closed for Fall 2020.  It will become available again for the Spring 2021 and Fall 2021 semesters on August 1, 2020.


  • All readmission decisions are made by the academic department of your intended major.
  • You are not guaranteed readmission to the major you applied to.
  • Your application is evaluated according to the current department entrance criteria.  Many majors have specific entrance requirements. View the list of entrance requirements on the Transfer Admission webpage.
  • All decisions are final, and you will be notified by mail by the Office of Undergraduate Admission of the decision.
  • Your acceptance decision is valid only for the semester you applied for. You cannot defer your acceptance.

What to do after acceptance

  • You must submit the $150 Pre-Enrollment Deposit (PED) to confirm your attendance. You cannot register for classes until the PED is paid.
  • You must make an advising appointment with the chair of the department of your intended major before registering for any classes.


Students separated from New Paltz for three years (six semesters) or less... 

  • If you return within 3 years (6 consecutive semesters) of your last date of attendance at SUNY New Paltz you may continue under the General Education requirement in effect at the time of your first matriculation.
  • You may resume the same major requirements in effect at the time of your first matriculation. If your original major has been revised since that time and is no longer available, an amended plan of study or a new major declaration will be necessary.
  • If you return and are admitted to a new major, you will complete the major requirements in effect at the time of your return.

Academically Dismissed Students...

  • If you were academically dismissed and are readmitted, you are now responsible for all College, SUNY, and major/department requirements in effect at the time of your return.
  • If academically dismissed for a second time, you will no longer be eligible for readmission and will not be eligible to enroll as a degree or non-degree student at SUNY New Paltz.


  • If the student has been separated from the College for 3 years (6 consecutive semesters) or less, the student may be readmitted to the degree program in effect at the time of their separation from the College. If the degree program has been revised since the student’s separation and is no longer available, an amended plan of study or a new major declaration will be necessary.
  • If more than 3 years (6 consecutive semesters) have passed since the student's last date of attendance at the College, the student is responsible for all New Paltz major and degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission. As major and degree requirements may have undergone significant changes, the student may be required to complete additional coursework. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the appropriate academic dean.
  • Adopted: Council of Dean, March 2009; Revised: Academic Deans Council, August 2019


  • If an undergraduate has been gone for more than seven (7) years, all of the completed courses may not be honored. Exceptions to this may be made at the discretion of the appropriate academic dean. (Policy change effective March 2009).


SUNY New Paltz cannot honor any requests for back dating of transcripts or diplomas.


Please e-mail your questions regarding readmission to Please note "Readmission Inquiry" in the subject line of your e-mail. 


Notice to Persons Who Have Prior Felony Convictions

State University of New York Board of Trustees policy prohibits SUNY New Paltz admission applications from inquiring into an applicant's prior criminal history.  However, after acceptance, the College shall inquire if the student prevails has been convicted of a felony if such an individual seeks:

  • On-campus housing,
  • Participation in clinical or field experiences,
  • Participation in internships.cooperative experiences,
  • Participation in study abroad programs.

The information required to be disclosed under SUNY Trustees policy regarding such felony convictions shall be reviewed by a standing campus committee consistent  with the legal standards articulated in New York State Corrections Law.

Students who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that their prior criminal history may impede their ability to complete the requirements of certain academic programs and/or to meet the licensure requirements for certain professions.  Specific SUNY New Paltz majors may pose challenges in obtaining field experiences, internships, or licensing for individuals with prior criminal convictions.  These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Accounting
  • Adolescence Education
  • Art (Visual Arts) Education
  • Early Childhood & Childhood education
  • Communication Disorders
  • Counseling
  • Music Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Human Services
  • Pre-Health Professions

Individuals with prior criminal histories are advised to seek advice and guidance from the chairperson of the academic department regarding the impact of a criminal record on meeting the requirements of the major/professional licensure or certification prior to declaring the major.

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