Records & Registration

Unofficial Leave of Absence

If you do not plan to register for next semester and will not be graduated, submit a leave of absence to let us know your plan. 

  • Students who do not register and do not submit an official leave of absence are considered on an unofficial leave. 
  • Students who are deregistered for unconfirmed enrollment are considered on an unofficial leave.
  • Students who are reported as Never Attended during enrollment census are withdrawn from reported classes.  If this is occurs for all enrolled classes for the semester, the student is considered on an unofficial leave.


The unofficial and official leaves count as an away semester and are reported as withdrawn, for State and Federal reporting purposes. Students cannot take an unofficial or official leave for more than two consecutive semesters (fall and spring). Students who are away for more than two consecutive semesters are automatically withdrawn from college.

How do I take an Official Leave of Absence?

Note that special sessions (winter and summer) are not counted when determining consecutive away semesters.