Non Employee Travel

Interviewee, Reviewers, Guests, Presenters, Students

Interviewee Travel

Travel reimbursement for candidates may be permitted (check with the search committee for specific information) for NYS residents, residing more than 50 miles from campus, and non-residents of New York State.  The cost of lodging and meals for the candidate will be reimbursed based on GSA per diem rates.  No additional cost will be reimbursed to the candidate for their guest’s lodging or meals. The candidate should use the most efficient and cost effective method of transportation available. Often times, this means using a common carrier such as a train, bus, taxicab or airplane.  No incidentals are covered and no pre-payments of travel are allowed. 

A Travel Requisition and Travel Expense Report are required for an interviewee reimbursement (where appropriate a statement of automobile travel form).

  • The department personnel will provide required forms and book lodging reservations within state per diem in the local area if needed. Attach hotel confirmation to the requisition.
    • NOTE: The Travel Office can not authorize payment for the lodging until the approved requisition is received.
    • Local hotels used most often:
      • America's Best Value Inn - (845)255-8865. Agreed rate is $90 per night.
      • Hampton Inn - (845)255-4200. Rate of $141 honored Sunday - Thursday, while available.
      • Hotels require credit card payment the same day, but no later than 24 hours from booking or the room may be released.
  • The “purpose of travel” on the requisition will include the search number and department name. Attach the itinerary.
  • After the visit, the search committee’s department completes the paperwork with interviewee signatures and attaches all receipts to the travel expense report. 
  • All documents are to be sent in a timely manner to the authorized account approval in your division, and then forwarded to the Travel Office.
  • Paid receipts are required for all reimbursement, including the method of payment.
  • Meals are only reimbursed up to the per diem rate, with receipts provided.
  • Boarding passes are required when a flight is taken.
  • Please advise against purchasing the fuel option when renting a vehicle, unless the price per gallon is similar to the price at the pump. 
  • Flight or trip insurance is not reimbursable.

All meals with interviewees will be processed as reimbursements. Receipts are needed for all meals, and are only reimbursed up to the per diem rate. The Campus does not allow for reimbursement of the employees’ meal costs associated with interviewing potential candidates, as the employees are not considered to be in travel status.  An alternate source of funding for employee meals with candidates may be available from your division or the Provost’s office.  However, costs such as travel to and from the airport to pick up a candidate may be reimbursedFor more information regarding interviewee travel of approved faculty searches contact the Provost’s office at extension 3277. All other interview travel questions contact the Travel Office at extension 3178.

Reviewers, Guests, Presenters Travel


The department arranges the guests' lodging reservations for local hotels, then submits a Travel Requisition to the Travel Office. Several local hotels/inns honor the per diem rates based on availability. With limited availability of per diem room rates at each establishment, it is highly recommended that you book as soon as you know the campus visit dates to secure the best rate.

State travel policy requires state agencies to pay up to per diem rates for lodging. A pre-approved justification is required (prior to stay) should you need to book outside of the per diem rate. Please attach the justification form to the Travel Requisition when you submit it. 

Lodging Request Process:

  1. Contact lodging establishment for availability of required dates.
  2. Inform them that you are from SUNY New Paltz and request State/Government rates.
  3. Ask if they will hold the reservation for payment from the Travel Office.
  4. Complete a Travel Requisition with search number, date(s) of stay, and purpose of campus visit (itinerary). Include a hotel reservation confirmation, and lodging justification for over per diem when required.
  5. Submit the Travel Requisition as soon as possible to allow for prompt credit card payment by the Travel Office to the hotel.
  6. Hotels require credit card payment the same day, but no later than 24 hours from booking or the room may be released. If this is not possible, the guest may have to pay for lodging and submit receipt for reimbursement, along with receipts for other travel expenses incurred. (Note budget impact: Guests will pay the going rate, including taxes, which will be higher than the State/Government rate).


Transportation expenses including airfare, train, and auto rental will be paid by the guest and reimbursed after the trip, since no prepayments are allowed. The guest should use the most efficient and cost effective method of transportation available. Often times, this means using a common carrier such as a train, bus, taxicab, or airplane. Please assist travelers in obtaining reasonable round-trip airfare.

The guest must complete and sign appropriate sections of a Travel Expense Report and complete the statement of automobile travel, if applicable. If the guest is currently employed at another state agency, please contact the travel office first, as the reimbursement process may be different.


Please instruct the guest to retain all paid receipts and documentation (including boarding passes/tickets, travel itineraries, etc.) related to their travel and lodging during the campus visit. Original receipts showing method of payment are required for expense reimbursement. Boarding passes, tickets,  or e-tickets must also be provided to verify travel details. Please note that airline ticket receipts sometimes do not show the method payment. If this is the case, the traveler must submit additional documentation that does so, such as an invoice/statement from the ticketing agency or a copy of the credit card/bank statement showing the charge.

Student Travel

All student travel must also be approved by the Assistant Vice President of Finance or designee after the travel requisition is submitted to the Travel Office.

When student travel is requested to be paid by State/IFR/SUTRA funds, travel must be for the benefit of the state. To document the appropriateness of the reimbursement, justification should come with the Travel Requisition to include the purpose/program, the amount of the award, and what specific student funded account will be used. For example, a student working with a faculty member on a research project or presenting a paper would be a qualifying travel expense. The student is responsible for submitting their Travel Expense Report with paid receipts, an agenda, and proper account signatures for reimbursement when the trip is complete. Meals can be only be reimbursed up to the per diem rate, and with receipts provided. An approved dollar limit may be designated for the trip.

Travel advances and pre-payments are not allowed to individual students that travel. When a group trip involves lodging, registration, or transportation, it can be paid by submitting a Travel Requisition by the faculty/staff member that is accompanying the students on the trip. If the student cancels the travel after prepayment is made for their convenience, they could be held responsible for expenses if cause is not justifiable.