Scholars' Mentorship Program




The SMP first year seminar is:

  • BLK175 "Critical Scholarship in the lives of Historically Underrepresented Students"

In this course, you will develop an historical and personal understanding of what it means to be an "underrepresented student" in the world of higher education. We know that you are talented, prepared and motivated. We want to build upon the skills you bring to college. Therefore, you will gain opportunities to polish your public speaking skills, use library electronic data bases, PowerPoint, other innovative computer programs, and conduct research on career options.

Other Courses…
There are five additional courses you can choose to enroll into over your four years. They are:

  • BLK293 Writing for Scholars (to enhance writing skills)
  • BLK293 Statistics for Scholars (to enhance skills needed in majors that require methods and statistics courses)
  • BLK345 Black and Latino Leadership (to study models of leadership in communities of color and to gain more leadership strategies for the campus and the community)
  • BLK393 Research for Scholars (to enhance skills in gathering and synthesizing research data--for upper division students)
  • BLK420 Counseling Underrepresented Students (to become a peer mentor to First Year Protégés )