Scholars' Mentorship Program

Prospective Students

Program Benefits

  1. You will be matched with a Faculty/Staff Mentor. This Mentor is selected from major discipline, cultural group, ethnic group, or gender.  This relationship is designed to be a four year resource.
  2. For your first semester, you will be assigned a Peer Mentor, who is a sophomore, junior or senior. The Peer Mentor will be your social contact. He or she will contact you once each week during your first semester, invite you to meetings of student organizations, give advice on your schedule and other matters, and serve as your peer away from home.
  3. You will learn through your first year seminar, (Key Issues in the Education of Underrepresented College Students) strategies of college study, time management skills, technology skills, and career development/enhancement strategies that will help you make the most of your academic experience.
  4. You will be provided housing in a multicultural environment with many other students in the program. This arrangement will enhance the process of making friends.
  5. You will be given additional advice from the Coordinator, whose main purpose is to support you and alert you to campus resources.

Program Statistics

56    Faculty/Staff Mentors from 34 Departments and Programs
28    Peer Mentors
30    Student Leaders
78    First Year Protégés
186  Upper Division Protégés
178  Protégés with Averages of 3.0 and above
20    First Year Protégés per year in these programs: BSDO, Studio Art, Honors Program