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Incomplete Grades

When can an incomplete grade request be submitted?

All of the following must be true:

  • Student has successfully completed three quarters of the coursework
  • Student has personal emergency preventing remaining work from being submitted
  • Faculty agrees that an incomplete is appropriate
  • Faculty has NOT submitted final course grade


What is the process to submit the incomplete grade?

  • After the student and instructor agree that an incomplete grade will be granted based upon the policy, the student submits the request electronically. Go to > Registration > Request Incomplete Grade
  • The Request for Incomplete grade will be emailed to the faculty. The faculty will have the option to approve or decline the incomplete grade

Note to student and faculty: The student must submit the request and the faculty must approve this request before the option of the ā€œIā€ grade will be available on the grading roster.

Note to faculty: Approving the student request DOES NOT enter the ā€œIā€ grade.  This grade must be entered on the grading roster by the faculty.


How is the course graded after the work is submitted?

  • All work must be submitted by student by the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar
  • Faculty will use the Grade Change Form to enter the grade by the incomplete grading deadline listed in the Academic Calendar. Go to > Faculty Services > Teaching Menu > Grade Change Request Form

How can faculty grant an extention?

To request an extension, faculty will use the Grade Change Form to request the change to the deadline. Go to > Faculty Services > Teaching Menu > Grade Change Request Form


Please review the Policies on Incomplete Grades to learn more about requesting, grading and granting extensions for incomplete grades

Link to Incomplete Grading Policy