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Records & Registration


New Paltz has utilized a semester hour credit system, except between June 1963 and July 1968, when the quarter hour credit system was used. (One quarter hour equals two-thirds of one semester hour.) Beginning in September 1977, the College's grading system has provided for the assignment of plus and minus grades. Currently, grade computations are based upon the following format:

A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- 0.67
F 0.00
W 0.00
I 0.00
S, S*, or P , satisfactory 2 0.00
U or U*, unsatisfactory 2 0.00
H, hold 3 0.00
R, repeat 0.00

NG or blank
No grade reported by instructor at time of grade recording (temporary)

P* (place holder for Study Abroad coursework while awaiting official grades)


Before the spring 1983 semester, graduate students could not receive a D grade.


2 S is a "satisfactory" grade given by the instructor. P and U are student-elected grades in effect before the Fall 1986 semester. P indicates that the student received a D- or better; U indicates a failing grade. S* and U* are student- elected grades in effect beginning with the Fall 1986 semester. S* indicates a C- or better; U* a D+ or poorer.


3 An H mark is temporary and assigned in limited situations where it is appropriate to “HOLD” pending a grade to be awarded.  H is not a grade and a student cannot graduate with an H on the transcript*.  The H mark is used for course work that is not completed within the semester term and where an incomplete grade (“I”) is not appropriate. Courses for which an H is appropriate include internships/fieldwork and thesis preparation.  The H mark can also be assigned pending completion of the next course in an appropriate sequence.


* except in the semesters of September 1980 and January 1981 when the mark was also assigned in Basic English 1, Composition 1, or Composition 2 to students who were required to retake the course. Beginning September 1981, such students were assigned the mark of R.

Grade Reporting

Grade reports are accessed through my.newpaltz.edu . Final grades are only updated on the computer system once each day around 5:00 p.m. Grade reports are not mailed but can be printed through my.newpaltz.edu.