Made for You: New Directions in Design

Curated by Jennifer Scanlan

February 6 – July 10, 2016
Morgan Anderson and Corridor Galleries

Kieran Kinsella, Stools, 2014-15, Photo: Craig Hoeksema

In the 21st century, design has become personal. Bombarded by an endless array of mass-produced objects in big box stores and on the Internet, people are increasingly attracted to the unique and custom-made. Drawing on designers and makers in the Hudson Valley and environs, this exhibition considers the ways in which the contemporary design object is customized for the individual, from the one-of-a-kind objects made by craft techniques to the latest technological advances of 3D printing. The exhibition will include approximately 25 designers/makers and demonstrate a range of approaches to design.

Participating artists:

Atlas Industries
Sheila Bridges
Doug Bucci
Tom Burtonwood
Emily Cobb
Deborah Ehrlich
Sharan Elran
Kieran Kinsella
Christopher Kurtz
Malfatti Glass
Andrew Molleur
Nervous System
Michael Puryear
Kathy Ruttenberg
Courtney Starrett
Thornwillow Press
Joshua Vogel & Blackcreek Mercantile
Jessica Wickham

Kathy Ruttenberg, The Mysterious Lagomorph, 2015, courtesy the artist

Doug Bucci, Islet Trans-Hematopoietic, neckpiece, 2010, Resin, Private collection

Sharan Elran, Unlimited Edition—1 of 6,227,020,800, 2015, courtesy the artist


One-of-a-Kind Design Panel Discussion at The Dorsky Museum

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