Thick and Thin: Ken Landauer and Julianne Swartz

Curated by Brian Wallace

April 9 – October 23, 2011
Sara Bedrick Gallery

May 1, Sunday, 2-3 pm Curator's gallery talk on Thick and Thin: Ken Landauer and Julianne Swartz


Julianne Swartz, Camera-Less Video, 2009, courtesy the artist


Ken Landauer and Julianne Swartz, independent artists and a married couple, have produced distinct bodies of work that complement one another in process, form, and effect but have never before exhibited or made work together. Landauer’s drawings and objects play with scale and humor to provoke realizations about our expectations about representation and abstraction. Swartz’s sculptures, installations, and architectural interventions shift our perceptions of space, form, and light. Together and separately, their works address the ways we make sense of the world.

Ken Landauer, Rock (framed), 2011, courtesy the artist


Ken Landauer, Washington Square Park, 2001, 2011, courtesy the artist

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