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We are happy to offer an online application process that helps you see, in real time, the status of your application. Below is a list of what you need to get started: 

  • Enrolled in a degree granting program, or have very recently graduated from a degree granting program (within 12 months of starting our program).
  • Completed at least two years of post-secondary education.
  • Completed six months or more of work experience (may be waived, contact IIB for details).
  • Must have a high level of English language proficiency (can submit test scores, academic transcripts, etc. A live web interview is required prior to acceptance to assess English. 


Application Materials Checklist:

  • Statement of Purpose: An explanation (in English) of why you would like to participate in this program. Please show how the IIB program can benefit you in achieving your future career goals.
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation: Written recommendations (in English) from persons able to assess your suitability for this program. These could be from employers or teachers who are familiar with your work.
  • Academic Transcripts: Transcripts (in English) from your secondary school and any post-secondary education you have had.
  • Proof of English Proficiency: This can be a report of your attainment of 550 (institutional) 213 CBT, or 80 ibt or better on the TOEFL or other equivalent test of English proficiency (IELTS, Cambridge, Pearson Test of English, university-level English classes, etc.) 
  • Financial Certification: Please provide financial documentation verifying your ability to cover your expenses for the full semester, estimated at $16,500 (that includes the $13,200 USD program fee, and approximately $3,300 in personal expenses). Documentation may include a letter from your financial sponsor, personal statement of account, or a scholarship letter. More details are available in the application area of our website. 




Once students have completed an application, they can schedule a live web-based interview with an IIB advisor to discuss their candidacy, career & academic goals, and learn more about the program. The IIB will review your application materials and the information shared in this interview when making their admission decision. 

Once accepted, students will be notified via the web-based application software, and will receive an acceptance packet with detailed steps on how to apply for their visa, as well as other important preparation materials. 

Most J1 Intern visa applications for IIB students are routine. After paying the required SEVIS fees and visiting a U.S. Consulate to meet with a consular officer, they will receive their visa in about a month's time (from acceptance to receiving the visa). This is, of course, provided they follow the instructions, and make steady progress on paying fees and applying for a consulate appointment. More can be learned about this visa application process by visiting the State Department website:

IIB is never more than an email, phone call or IM away, and our advisors are quick to respond to questions & concerns, and assist students in getting the necessary resources needed to make participation in our studies & internship program a reality. 


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