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Work based training that works

Full-time internships in New York City's exciting business environment provide a key competitive advantage for students' successful entry into a global workforce.

IIB's network of business field placements offer the ideal platform for developing competencies essential for successful career development in:

  • Marketing/Branding/Advertising
  • Fashion
  • Financial Services
  • Media/ Entertainment
  • Consumer Goods/Retail
  • Non-profit/Government

Employers are increasingly focused on the importance of soft skill sets such as initiative, ability to work in a team, creative problem-solving and intercultural sensitivity in the fields of:

  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Event Planning
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Management 
  • Marketing/Branding

Students build an international network of professional contacts within the New York City business community while gaining valuable insights into their chosen career field.

Individualized field supervision ensures maximum student and placement satisfaction by providing a forum / platform for exchanging information and feedback with the placement supervisors.

Site visits by the IIB Program Advisor coupled with the periodic meetings with interns provide the close, ongoing mentoring and support system designed to ensure optimal intern performance, and maximum organizational support to benefit the students.


Internship spotlight:

Linn Seipel, Fall 2019

"This experience has led me to understand the importance of actually researching the country you're going to interact with. For instance - what are important elements in their culture? How do they prefer doing business? Getting a greater perspective of this was one of my main goals with the entire trip so I am glad to say that I feel that I’ve grasped that way of thinking. Even within the US I’ve seen how much communication styles can differ, and sometimes it’s easy to misunderstand or even judge each other for having different approaches. Having this experience in the back of my head will not only make me more comfortable and confident in business situations. It will also make me more humble and understanding to diversity, something that I find very important as I’m hoping to take on a management position in the future."

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