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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How has COVID-19 affected SUNY New Paltz?

A. SUNY New Paltz has dedicated website information to COVID-19, and we would encourage you to review that page here for the most up to date information: 


Q. What business courses are available to IIB students?

A. IIB students can select classes from both the graduate and undergraduate business school course listing. We want you to be successful, so be prepared to demonstrate you are prepared for any classes you select by having prerequisites on your transcripts.  Contact the IIB Program Coordinator for information about courses being offered in upcoming semesters. (Please note that not all of these courses are offered to IIB students each semester.) IIB students do have the opportunity to join regular SUNY New Paltz students in open available business courses.


Q. What kind of students attend IIB?

A. IIB students apply from all over the world. They are preparing themselves to enter the global marketplace with business and language skills that will help them get the jobs they want. To qualify for admission, they should have completed two years of university education in a business-related field, and have some work experience. In addition, they must be able to demonstrate ability in spoken & written English (e.g., with 550 / 213 / 80 on the TOEFL or an equivalent test of English).


Q. What kinds of qualifications do the IIB instructors have?

A. The faculty, who teach business, public relations for the business professional, Business English and US business culture, bring with them a wide range of experience. Many of them have terminal degrees in their field of expertise in addition to many years of on-the-job experience. You will have access to business and public relations professors and practitioners, business English teachers, and people who have been introducing American business culture to international students for many years.


Q. Do IIB graduates receive credit or a certificate of completion?

A. Graduates of the IIB program receive a certificate of completion in American Business Practices and are issued continuing education units or CEU's on an IIB Transcript. Each continuing education unit issued is equal to ten contact hours (class room instruction hours) of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. Continuing education units are not equivalent to academic credit.  Certificates of completion and transcripts are awarded at the graduation ceremony in New York City at the end of the program. Issuance of transfer credits is up to the home institution – please discuss this with your home institution advisor.  Many of our students have received academic credit for their work in our courses and internships from their home institutions, but we want you to understand that transfer of credit is not automatic.


Q. What is the village of New Paltz like?

A. New Paltz is a small college town with many coffee shops, restaurants, and bars that cater to the college community within walking distance of the college. The town itself has a long history that goes back to the seventeenth century when the French Huguenots settled here after living in Germany for a number of years. Some of the original houses built by the Huguenots are available for touring, again within walking distance of the college. Many of the local inhabitants are descendants of the Huguenots, and bear the names of their ancestors.  The small town of New Paltz provides a great contrast to the bustling metropolis of New York City in part two of the program, and serves to illustrate the different elements in US culture.


Q. What kind of visa is required to attend the IIB?

A. SUNY New Paltz will issue you the required exchange documents to obtain a J-1 Intern visa at your local consulate or embassy. Visit the visa information page for more details.


Q. Do I need health insurance?

A. Student Health insurance is mandatory for all incoming international students, and that cost is included in the program fee.  The health care system in the United States can be complicated, and you will be happy to have a policy that is widely accepted and covers most anything you will encounter while in our program (note - there is no dental or vision coverage in this plan).


Q. What kind of health care is available? 

A. There is a health center on campus which will take care of most of your routine health problems during your time in New Paltz. In more serious cases, local doctors may be recommended and utilized. If a student needs hospitalization, a local hospital will be used. The health insurance provided covers all these types of care, although some copayment may be required (e.g., $50 one time a year currently). If a student needs to see a dentist, a local dentist will be recommended, but the SUNY health insurance does not include dental benefits.  When in NYC, you will find an affiailiated health provider, of which there are thousands in the plan.


Q. What kind of immunizations must I have to enter the United States?

A. The United States is fairly conservative with their immunization requirements.  You will want to visit the Health Center website for more information. 


Q. Will there be an orientation to SUNY New Paltz after I arrive?

A. Yes, you will arrive several days before classes start so that you can receive an orientation which will help you to learn more about life and customs in the United States; Local community resources (e.g., public transportation, medical centers, schools, libraries, recreation centers, and banks); The local health center, emergency assistance, and insurance coverage; description of the IIB program; Rules that you are required to follow under the IIB program; The address of the sponsor and the name and telephone number of the responsible officer (i.e., Program Coordinator); and the address and telephone number of the Exchange Visitor Program Services of the Department of State and a copy of the Exchange Visitor Program brochure outlining the regulations relevant to the you, the exchange visitor.  These days are busy, and long, but you will come away feeling more comfortable and capable when classes start.


Q. What kind of roommate will I have?

A. Your roommate in New Paltz can be another IIB student, or, if we can, we will work to place you on campus where you will have a roommate from the greater college population.  That room mate could be another international student, but odds are they will be from NY, where the bulk of our college population comes from. In New York City, you should anticipate sharing a room with a fellow IIB student. Find more information on our housing page. 


Q. What are the deadlines for applying?

A. The deadline for the fall semester is April 1, and the deadline for the spring semester is November 1. We have some flexibility with these dates, contact us if you will experience a delay in your application to see if we can help you.  You can learn more and start your application by visiting here


Q. What kind of local transportation is available?

A. Most of your needs will be met on campus or within walking distance of campus. There is a local shuttle bus (the New Paltz Loop bus) that is free to students that can take you to most destinations in town.  There are also many local taxis that will take you most anywhere in town for a flat rate of $5.  If you want to travel to New York City, frequent bus service from New Paltz is available. Round-trip bus fare to New York City ranges from $35 - $45, depending upon date of travel.


Q. Can I exchange money in New Paltz?

A. It is difficult to change foreign currencies into US dollars in New Paltz, so you might plan on bringing about $200 USD with you for your immediate personal expenses. However, your bank / credit card can be used most places while you are in the United States, many without charging a fee.  You may want to consult your bank to see if they have any relationships with US banks so you can avoid Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) fees.


Q. How much will books cost, and where will I buy them? 

A. All the textbooks and other materials you may need are available in the college bookstore, or can be ordered online. Many of our students find that US Textbooks are very expensive compared to text books back home. You may find you need as much as $300 or more for textbooks. Some students agree to share books, while other buy used books, or pay for online access to a text at a reduced rate. It is sometimes possible to sell your books back to the bookstore after you have used them.


Q. Will my internship be arranged before I arrive in New Paltz?

A. No. Internships are arranged during the eight weeks that you are studying in New Paltz. This is because most employers require a face-to-face interview with potential interns. Shortly after you arrive, we have a workshop to help you with your resume, and you will have a chance to "practice" interview with some professional career advisors at the SUNY New Paltz Career Resource Center. Some students will interview with two or even three organizations before they are offered an internship.


Q. Can I continue to work in my internship after the program has officially ended?

A. The J-1 Intern visa may be extended for up to 12 months, which allows you to work longer provided your internship sponsor wants you to work longer, and you have the funding to stay.  Speak to the IIB program coordinators if you are interested in extending your internship time.  There are fees and several requirements that must be met before you can extend.  NOTE: ANY extension of the time in NYC beyond the end of the program will cost you additional money (housing, transportation, personal expenses, etc.)


Q. How long before my J-1 program starts can I arrive in the United States?

A. The J1 Intern visa allows you to arrive up to 30 days prior to your program start date. 


Q. How long can I remain after my program ends?

A. You have a grace period of 30 days after your program end date before you must depart, or apply for a change of status. 


Q. Are scholarships available?

A. Unfortunately, scholarships are very rare for IIB. However, many students come on scholarships from the governments of their own countries, their universities (e.g., ITESM has an IIB scholarship) or can be sponsored by their employers.


Q. Where can I find more information about SUNY New Paltz?

A. See this page.

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